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This sweet story of success has deep roots that began for SCORE client Inna Aleksey Kondramashin with her parents, Peter and Tanya. They were immigrants, born and raised in the Ukraine, who brought Inna to the United States when she was three years old. Tanya also carried an entrepreneurial spirit for baking the European favorites of her homeland. Inna’s mother passed her passion and traditions on to her daughter along with the skills she would need later in life.

“My mother mentored me by sharing her experience when we baked together for events. These moments created opportunities for me to learn and develop my skills. My mother has been a devoted teacher and the source of my creativity. She is the reason for what I have accomplished to date.”

   - Inna Aleksey Kondramashin, owner of Tanya’s Pastry Shop


In 2016 Inna launched Tanya’s Pastry Shop and built a thriving business for her sweet treats through savvy digital marketing. When the opportunity to expand to a location in the Lancaster Marketplace became an option, Inna was delighted to secure a space and Tanya’s Pastry Shop held a Grand Opening in November of 2018. 

How does a busy baker, wife, and mother of five find balance for her business life?

Inna had created significant opportunities for her business and had enormous support from her husband Alex, but she felt it was time for professional guidance for the direction of her bakery. Inna reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon to request a mentor. She has been building a relationship with SCORE volunteer mentor Neil Mosesman and working to achieve the goals that she has set for Tanya’s Pastry Shop.

"Inna is passionate about her business, which has grown from a hobby to a profitable enterprise in just a few years.  She is always looking at new ideas for expanding her product offerings and has leveraged her social media presence to bring more customers to her shop.  Last year she introduced a line of perogies to her pastry offerings.  They have become an enormous success for her business and the response was so large that she added a line of frozen perogies. Inna is quick to learn from her customers and adjust her product line accordingly. That is one of the keys to outstanding customer service!”

   - Neil Mosesman, SCORE Volunteer Mentor

When you have a SCORE mentor, you are not alone in your business journey.

Inna had a rich network of family support while launching and running her small business, but it is often vital to have a sounding board with expert advisors and professional experience.

“My mentor has helped me feel confident in the direction my business was going. I was able to narrow my focus, create systems and discuss ideas for future plans. Just having a SCORE mentor there to listen was a huge help to my success today. My SCORE mentor was 200% on my side in planning for my business to succeed.”

   - Inna Aleksey Kondramashin, owner of Tanya’s Pastry Shop

Inna has great vision, and goals for the future of her bakery and her SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor is looking forward to working with her every step of that journey.

SCORE Success Story: Tanya's Pastry Shop