How SCORE helped. 

When Jenna Dilley had the first spark of inspiration for the dream of opening her own small business, she approached it with the same careful organizational skills that she would later market in her business plan. Jenna enrolled in the SCORE Simple Steps to Starting a Business Workshop to acquire the important skills she needed as a start-up. The Simple Steps Course is a comprehensive program offered by the SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Chapter to assist and equip small business entrepreneurs with the tools needed to develop a successful business plan.

“I didn’t know the first step to starting a business. After those five weeks, I felt I had the basic knowledge to get started confidently. I am thankful for this course because I know I started my business, following all of the proper steps.”

    - Jenna Dilley, founder and owner of Rejuvenation by Jenna

How to turn a penchant for tidiness into a profitable business.

Jenna Dilley loves having a freshly folded jeans drawer to start her week, and she is betting there are others out there that feel the same thrill at the sight of neatly stacked rows of denim. She has now built a business around the concept of restoring your home, and your life, to a new state of freshness and vigor, one room, one closet, one drawer at a time. Allowing your space and inner-self to be re-awakened is the mission of Rejuvenation by Jenna.

There was a time that organizing the linen closet or clearing the mess that you once called the garage was a humdrum task. No more! According to a recent New York Times article, “No longer a mundane household chore, home organizing now falls squarely into the wellness category, another step on the endless road to self-improvement. Clean up your living room and you can clean up your life.”

Taking the next steps on her business journey.

Now that Rejuvenation by Jenna is launched, and with a Simple Steps course completed, Jenna is adding to her business acumen with regular consultations with a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor.  In August of 2019, Jenna transitioned to working with SCORE volunteer mentor Beverley Doody.  The pair meet regularly to work on every aspect of Jenna’s business plan. Beverley is there to offer support and guidance for any issue that Jenna might encounter.

“Jenna has been very thoughtful in pulling together all that she needs to set up her business from creating the LLC, building her website herself, looking at pricing, terms, and conditions. What is most exceptional to me has been her marketing and social media approach, great photographs with a clear, simple and direct message and call to action. She has carefully managed her budget and sought effective marketing materials to promote her business professionally.”

    - Beverley Doody, SCORE volunteer mentor

Building a successful business is a process, and with SCORE, you are not alone on your business journey. Jenna knows that she has someone committed to her success that she can turn to for business advice, knowledge and that word of encouragement when you need it the most.

“Working with Beverley has held me accountable for everything I needed to do before starting my business. Every time we’d meet, I’d have things crossed off my list from our last meeting. I’d present my ideas and she’d come back challenging me. I think that’s what everyone needs when starting a business. To show it’s not going to be a walk in the park. But you have your SCORE mentor there beside you every step of the road ahead.”

     - Jenna Dilley, founder and owner of Rejuvenation by Jenna

SCORE Success Story: Rejuvenation by Jenna

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