How SCORE helped. 

The dream of owning a small business is the fuel that launches so many of our SCORE entrepreneurs. That dream was a powerful force that led SCORE Lebanon County client Francy Ortiz, founder & owner of Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance on a journey that began at the Women’s Business Center at ASSETS.

Francy was part of the ASSETS' Business Start-up Idea Incubator when she met SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor Andre Renna during the final Cohort Pitch. Andre was impressed with Francy’s presentation and with her passion for her business plan. What began as an event feedback session transformed into a request for a mentor, and the pair have been working together for almost a year now.

Andre has primarily been mentoring Francy on issues focusing on finance, particularly understanding expenses and estimating the pricing for her services. In all aspects of her business, Francy displays an eagerness to learn and a total commitment to the success of this young enterprise. Their mentoring sessions include the challenge of occasionally mastering English or Spanish translations as Francy becomes more accustomed to conducting business in English and Andre works to adapt by having his client mentor him in the basics of her language. So far, Francy is the clear winner in the language sweepstakes.


Francy is also determined to be a winner in her commercial cleaning service. Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance is now serving medical, commercial and industrial clients in Lebanon, Lancaster, Hershey, and Reading, PA. The rapid growth of Francy’s company is a result of her passion for providing independence for her family and for acting as a role model in the Lebanon Latino community.

“I was inspired to create Pristean. I felt the need to manage my time to more closely accompany the growth and education of my children with my husband. Take responsibility for my finances by not relying on a fixed salary, learn more about the business, study more and get results to share with others this message of hope that is what entrepreneurship means to me. I desire to contribute positively to the community and generate employment and inspiration for people to start a business.”

     - Francy Ortiz, Founder & Owner of Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance

“Es una inspiración crear Pristean. Sentí la necesidad de manejar mi tiempo y ser atenta al crecimiento y la educación de mis hijos con mi esposo. Asumir la responsabilidad de mis finanzas, al no depender de un salario fijo, aprender más sobre el negocio, estudiar más y obtener resultados para compartir con otros este mensaje de esperanza es lo que ser empresaria significa para mí. Deseo contribuir positivamente a la comunidad y generar empleo e inspiración para que la gente tenga confianza en sí misma para comenzar su propio negocio ”.

   - Francy Ortiz, fundadora y propietaria de Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance

Over this last year, Francy and Andre have developed a strong bond through their client-mentor relationship and Francy has grown both in business skills and in personal confidence through the support and guidance of her SCORE mentor.

“Mr. André Renna has been very generous in giving me his knowledge and time. He is a key guide for my growth, and he is an advisor, teacher, source of energy, and motivation. Andre keeps me focused and takes me step by step in my business plan, marketing, insurance, accounting and more.  He has a great commitment to his mentoring, and he is very organized and professional. He believes in Pristean and that confidence empowers me to be the businesswoman for whom I am training.”

     - Francy Ortiz, Founder & Owner of Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance

"Señor André Renna ha sido muy generoso por compartir su conocimiento y tiempo. Él es una guía clave para mi crecimiento, y es un asesor, maestro, fuente de energía y motivación. André me mantiene enfocada y me lleva paso a paso en mi plan de negocio, mercadeo, seguros, contabilidad y más. Él está sumamente comprometido a su mentoría y es muy organizado y profesional. Él tiene confianza en Pristean y esa confianza me permite ser la empresaria de la cual estoy entrenando."

    - Francy Ortiz, fundadora y propietaria de Pristean Cleaning and Maintenance



SCORE Success Story: Pristean Cleaning & Maintenance