It was a particular pleasure to attend the May SCORE Chapter meeting at Tiny Town, an indoor PlaySpace for children on Janet Avenue in Lancaster. Owner and SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon client Hannah Harris was eager to welcome the SCORE mentors and have them see the beautiful, miniature world that she has created for children and caregivers from what was initially a vast warehouse space.

“We would not be in business without the support and resources from SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. SCORE’S Dick Hendricks was instrumental in a 3-year process of pulling together the resources we needed to build our dream.  We created a 62-page business plan and had the bank loan secured within days! ‘N one ever came in the prepared.’”

~ Hannah Harris, owner of Tiny Town

Hannah has been working closely with her SCORE mentor Dick Hendricks since January of 2014. In that time, they have developed a strong bond based on their desire to see Hannah’s dream of a successful small business that served the needs of young children, and their families come true.

“Hannah has been a delight to work with - she is smart, diligent, and very thorough.  She went through a tough couple of years until she found the perfect location for Tiny Town.  After that, with the help of her family, she secured the necessary financing and created Tiny Town in Lancaster.  She has a unique business model in that most of her employees are mothers with young children who can bring them to work - this is a great benefit in that it eliminates the need for daycare.”

~ Dick Hendricks, SCORE volunteer mentor  

Pictured left to right: SCORE mentor Dick Hendricks, Hannah Harris, SCORE mentor Larry Keating