How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentor Denise Fessler is understandably proud of the prompt pivot that client Julie Hillard, owner of Peaceful Living Solutions, made in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis.

Peaceful Living Solutions is a professional organizing business that specializes in Downsizing, Organizing & Home Styling. Julie's work takes place primarily in people's homes, and social distancing created unique challenges for her business model. But Professional Living Solutions embraced the challenge and adapted its marketing strategy to reflect the new normal.

Adapting to a New Normal

Julie's beautifully curated Facebook Page and Instagram Feed filled with activities and ideas for ways to incorporate Peaceful Living Solutions into quarantine lives. Julie's efforts paid off in marketing gold when she was featured in an LNP+LancasterOnline  article about "Getting Organized While you Stay at Home: Ten Tips to a Better Bedroom."  A visit to the Peaceful Living Solutions website is a must for anyone struggling to keep order during a social distancing week. Julie has created a Resources page that adds clarity to your cleaning, meal planning & shopping chores.

Preparing to Navigate the Future with Grace

Now, as businesses are looking towards the weeks ahead and make plans to reopen, Julie has been proactive once more. Peaceful Living Solutions has created detailed plans for how they will operate, what changes their clients can expect to ensure both their security and the safety of the Peaceful Living Solutions team members. These policies have been published to Julie's social media and are prominently displayed on the homepage of her website.

Congratulations to Julie Hillard for navigating this pandemic with courage and grace. As a result of her work, she has improved brand awareness, increased social media traffic and has created a plan for re-entry into the market in a COVID-19 environment

SCORE COVID-19 "Lemons to Lemonade"Story:Julie Hillard