How SCORE helped. 

Monica Rakoczy's year has been a bit of an adventure. The first quarter of 2020 began with the calendar for EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC booked with instruction courses, and her first Keynote Speaker event. Monica's company offers training in OSHA compliance for the construction industries. The COVID-19 global pandemic brought her business to a near standstill in a matter of weeks.

Find Your Voice and Use It

One of the first things to catch your eye when you visit Monica Rakoczy's website is the header that reads "EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC is a registered Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB)." Monica has good reason to be proud of succeeding in what is still very much a man's world as a Safety Consultant for everything from OSHA 10 – Construction to Excavation & Trenching. She did not reach this level of success without meeting all challenges and obstacles and using her voice to create a door in every barrier.

Monica pivoted her business plan to focus on the new, critical needs that the COVID-19 pandemic offered. She worked with TSI Inc. to acquire a Portacount Respirator Fit Tester that complies with the new, modified CNC (Condensation Nuclei Counter) Protocols. This device allowed EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC to fit test (test for effectiveness) N95 masks and other respirators. Monica was able to quickly utilize this new service in local nursing facilities and dental offices to ensure front-line healthcare workers were receiving proper respiratory protection.

Helping Others to Navigate the Pandemic

EnterTRAINING Solutions, LLC is now advising construction clients on new CDC and OSHA guidelines, creating and proofing new policies, and advising through ever-changing situations. Monica also began providing online seminars in workplace safety for organizations like PA One Call and SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon education programs

"Monica Rakozcy has extensive experience providing OSHA and safety training education and consulting services in some of the most challenging work environments--where safety is paramount--construction and maintenance, health care, and general business operations.  

We recently asked Monica to share her knowledge regarding OSHA regulations related to small business owners (drawing from her own experience as a busy small business owner). Many of them may not be aware that they need to meet the requirements for compliance with these standards.  We also asked Monica to share specific safety regulations pertaining to COVID-19 and join a panel of experts designed to support our small business community's much-needed education regarding reopening and maintaining safe business operations.  Her knowledgeable and energetic presentation (and repeat performances) have helped the SCORE mentor team, clients, and members of our small business community to be optimally prepared and supported during these challenging times.  

Monica is quick to remind me that she is still a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon client herself and is grateful for the support she continues to receive and more than happy for the opportunity to pay-it-forward."
       - Denise Fessler​, SCORE volunteer mentor

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