How SCORE helped. 

At the age of twenty-six SCORE client, Neil Maser is already an enterprising entrepreneur and the founder and co-owner of two prosperous small businesses. Neil is the founder and owner of Urban Werks, a Precision Automotive Detailing Shop in Lancaster County, and since a recent merger, the co-owner of Classic Shine, a Mobile Detailing Service in the city of Lancaster. It is a rare gift to possess the level of commitment and drive that leads to the level of success that Neil has achieved so early in life.

“By the age of eight, I possessed a passion to get behind the wheel of anything with a motor. By nine, racing was a weekly thing for me. At fifteen, I bought my first Audi and began swapping motors and parts at every opportunity. Needless to say, cars are my thing, and they always will be. Since I found the perfect location, I decided to turn my passion into reality with Urban Werks.”

    - Neil Maser, founder, and owner of Urban Werks

Last year Neil came to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for assistance following the merger of two companies (one Urban Works, the other Classic Shine) with two distinctly different cultures and operational philosophies. He was paired with SCORE mentor Jim Frey and they quickly began to tackle management issues to help formulate and implement a company direction and consistent approach.

“I originally reached out to SCORE looking for mentorship on how to properly maintain and handle my growing business. My mentor, Jim Frey, has provided me with new tools within our first session to better understand, organize, and make projections on the financial, back end of my business. I've been with SCORE for less than a year and we are already seeing new growth as a direct result of my mentorship.”

    - Neil Maser, founder, and owner of Urban Werks

Working with a SCORE mentor is both a partnership and a commitment that requires serious effort from both the mentor and the client to address issues that affect the success of a small business.  This collaboration produces fresh insights and directions for the future.

“Neil is a results-oriented young entrepreneur who has a vision of what the combined companies can achieve and is relentless in pursuit of objectives and activities that will lead to achieving his vision.”   

    - Jim Frey, SCORE volunteer mentor

Growth and success are every business owner’s dream, but it can soon become a nightmare unless the challenges are faced with a firm plan to handle expansion, including a management process with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Jim and Neil have laid a foundation for the direction of their client-mentor partnership and are now setting goals for the future.

“Our vision for Urban Werks is to create an entity that brings the automotive culture to Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Within the next 12 months, we plan to open a third location that offers sales and storage. This will be a brand-new segment of our business. I will be reaching out to Jim to help me prepare sales projections and cost analyses with our new services.” 

    - Neil Maser, founder, and owner of Urban Werks

Our SCORE chapter includes volunteer mentors who come from all sectors of the business community. They are executives, owners, and entrepreneurs who have committed themselves to share their knowledge and experience with the small business and non-profit community.

“When I first reached out to SCORE I was on the verge of a breakdown within my business. We had amazing sales numbers, but we couldn’t seem to figure out how to grow as we intended. Needless to say, this was extremely stressful. I left my first session with Jim having a whole new perspective and new insight into my business. We’ve been headed in the right direction ever since. I would strongly suggest to any aspiring entrepreneur or established business to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind resource that is SCORE. The value that a mentor adds to your life as an entrepreneur is priceless. From the straightforward sales projections and cost analysis to the more abstract stress reduction (let’s be honest, being a business owner is tough)…SCORE has a little bit of everything to offer.”

    - Neil Maser, founder, and owner of Urban Werks


Client│Mentor Profile: Urban Werks