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In the month of October, we celebrate Women-Owned Small Business Month as a time to recognize and applaud the entrepreneurial spirit of the dedicated and driven women whose dreams help drive our economy. SCORE client Amanda Wentz, owner of Salon Prim is one of those women with a dream and one whom we are excited to celebrate this month.

In March of 2017, Amanda was an associate stylist at a poplar City of Lancaster salon honing her craft and nurturing a dream of one day owning her own salon. She reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for the support of a mentor to make that dream a reality. Amanda began working with SCORE volunteer mentor Steve Engle on an extensive list of tasks needed to establish a successful business plan.

Amanda would be joining the ever-growing ranks of women-owned small businesses in the US. The 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express shows that by January 2018 there were 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US. These businesses employed 9.2 million people and generated revenues totaling $1.8 trillion. Compared to all firms, women-owned businesses accounted for 58% of firms, employed 21% of the workforce, and generated 46% of revenues. While these statistics were hopeful signs for a young woman with a dream they were just the starting point for a long journey that Amanda would take before she could turn the key in her own business.

There are challenges to meet when starting any small business, but a professional hair salon has some unique criteria that are part of the process. Steve was confident in Amanda’s industry experience, an absolute bedrock for her business plan, and soon became impressed at her resilience as she faced the trials that any start-up can encounter.

“Amanda’s is a pleasure to work with and has real business acumen; most importantly she will take whatever steps necessary to succeed. She was undaunted when her initial attempts at financing were unsuccessful and persevered with positive results. Amanda located a salon that was closing, and we negotiated a favorable lease. After acquiring the necessary business permits Amanda proved resilient with the many construction and inspection delays. In mid-2018 Salon Prim opened for clients and now employs two stylists and most importantly for any small business, is profitable. I could not be more proud of her!”

~ Steve Engle, SCORE volunteer mentor

Having the help of an experienced SCORE mentor in creating her business plan for Salon Prim provided Amanda with clear objectives and set up a road map for success. It helped Amanda to consider all of the factors needed to open her salon, and Steve provided support along the way.

Working with my SCORE mentor has provided the direction necessary to start my business.  I met Steve with just an idea and a notebook; from there, we worked together to make opening Salon Prim possible. Since our opening Steve has helped me work through difficult challenges to keep the business on track to reach goals set for Salon Prim.  Having a SCORE mentor has given me valuable information, the support to be successful, and made my dream of owning my own salon a reality.”

~ Amanda Wentz, owner of Salon Prim 

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