How SCORE helped. 

There are many reasons that individuals start the journey to become small business owners. Jennifer Greenberg Swope was a woman on a mission. She had struggled with back pain for over a decade finding no relief in the usual array of prescription opiates, steroids, and muscle relaxers. Desperate for relief she tried Whole Body Cryotherapy during a regimen that required a three hour round trip, four times a week. Within two weeks she was pain free and has been so for over a year. She knew she had to bring this therapy to her hometown of Lancaster, and she reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for help in making that vision come true.

Jennifer was partnered with SCORE mentor Bruce Boydell in September of 2016 to begin the process of building a framework for her vision.

Jennifer is a self-starter.  She knew what she wanted to do, followed through with the “homework” from our mentoring sessions - quickly captured the need for and drafted an appropriate and effective business plan which provided a road map for startup.  Toward the end of our initial three months of mentoring, we developed a detailed “startup project plan” which was a great help in making sure that all the T’s were crossed, and the I’s dotted.  The fact that she’s still running a growing business over two years later shows leadership and commitment to providing a drug-free approach to pain and physical situations that all of us face, especially those involved in athletic pursuits.”

~Bruce Boydell, SCORE volunteer Mentor

Jennifer opened Lancaster Cryotherapy in April of 2017 at 1935 Fruitville Pike. She offers Whole Body Cryotherapy in a three-minute treatment in a chamber chilled by liquid nitrogen. Jennifer is helping her clients to treat all types of chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, as well as anxiety and depression. On a recent visit a senior couple was leaving their regular weekly visit as a young athlete was checking in to work on improving the response time from a sports related injury. Jennifer was recently profiled in Business Woman magazine as a “living testament to the benefits of cryotherapy.”

There are many steps between having a dream and turning the key in the door of a new small business and Jennifer Greenberg Swope was glad that she reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for help along that journey.

Since I didn’t know the first thing about starting my own business, a friend suggested that I research SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon and look into the potential of using their services. My mentor Bruce helped me to navigate this intimidating territory by helping me create a business plan, look at the hard numbers, and acknowledge the best-case scenario as well as the worst-case scenarios, which are both possibilities when starting your own business. The preliminary research and work that Bruce encouraged me to see through have benefited me greatly. My SCORE mentor helped me take my vision and turn it into a reality.”

 ~Jennifer Greenberg Swope, Founder and owner of Lancaster Cryotherapy


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