How SCORE helped. 

Down the charming 200 block of North Arch Street in the City of Lancaster you make a turn into the drive at a modest red brick building made charming by an abundant canopy of wisteria vine that graces an entranceway pergola. But our destination is down the short drive to the rear of the building and the urban garden setting that is the parking area for the building that SCORE client Rhonda Hostetter recently purchased as a home for her INSPIRE Business Community.

When SCORE mentor Tom Murphy first began working with Rhonda Hostetter she was holding Mastermind sessions for women in her home, or at local coffee shops. She reached out to  SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon to connect with a mentor in order to discuss the possibility of purchasing a local property that was for sale and had all the features she was looking for to build her consulting business.

Rhonda was looking to build her consulting business. She was imaginative, determined and open to suggestions. As time went on, the property became out of reach and Rhonda then concentrated on building her business. My support during these months was to be there to listen to her plans and ideas for the business and ways she could finance a move to a more permanent location.  Late last year Rhonda was able to obtain financial support to purchase a building in Lancaster City that had paying office spaces and a second floor that could be converted to her business. Over a month ago, the office spaces were completed, and she is now the proud owner of what’s becoming a successful business resource for business women in the area.”

- Tom Murphy, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

The startup time for a new business can be a stressful period for anyone and a true ordeal. A SCORE mentor can take some of the pressure of that process with good advice and guidance, and just by having someone who is truly invested in your success to listen to the daily issues.

My SCORE mentor, Tom,  believed in my idea of a space for business women when it was just a dream on a vision board.  He listened to my ideas and gave me tools and information to create a solid foundation to build my idea on.  He checked in with me often and never once told me it wasn’t possible or that I should try something smaller or more realistic.  He always assured me that environment was important and that creating the space I pictured was needed and worth believing in and working toward.”

~ Rhonda Hostetter, founder of INSPIRE Business Community  

INSPIRE Business Community believes that “Taking your business to the next level requires support, guidance, and accountability. We provide the resources, expertise, and commitment to help you move forward.” In a beautifully curated space on the 2nd floor at 226 N. Arch Street they offer Events & Workshops, Mastermind Groups, Private Coaching, as well as Co-Working & Private Office Space. Off of an entrance filled with sunlight streaming from an expansive skylight there is a private conference room, a quiet room for nursing moms, a large & beautifully appointed coworking space that is filled with comfortable seating, and a choice of private office space. On a recent visit he coworking space had a quiet energy as the women present sat intent over laptops or in soft conversation. The mission of INSPIRE Business Community is to break the glass ceiling above business women and support them to build their dreams.

Throughout these past two years working with Rhonda, I have found her to be open to ideas, cautious in her plans and always bright and positive about her abilities and skills. I have seen her work in front of a large group of women with professional skill and demeanor as well in a one-to-one coaching situation. She has the ability to bring out of business women, ideas and concerns that are important to them and their success in the business field.”

~ Tom Murphy, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Rhonda continues to work regularly with her SCORE mentor and has set goals for the future on which they will continue to focus on.

“A SCORE mentor has had their own business in the past and is willing to share what they’ve learned through their blood, sweat, and tears so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they did.  They believe in you and are a great support with tools and resources and connections.  They are volunteering so you know they care deeply about people and giving back which means a lot when you’re starting out and the learning curve is steep.  Just having someone checking in on you and helping track your progress is so encouraging and builds your faith and confidence.  I’d recommend a SCORE mentor to anyone in business in any stage of the process.  Having a broad range of support and encouragement is so valuable and SCORE has so much to offer entrepreneurs.  I’m grateful to Tom and SCORE for what they’ve given me and so many other women in the INSPIRE Community and business community at large.“

~ Rhonda Hostetter, founder of INSPIRE Business Community 


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