How SCORE helped. 

Jason Hurst caught the imagination of SCORE mentor Fred Engle from their very first meeting in the spring of 2017. Jason, and his wife Sara owned a business, The Fence Experts,  that was rapidly growing and were facing the challenges that many successful businesses encounter when faced with this situation. These sort of opportunities also present obstacles in regard to cash flow, how to delegate, and when to get involved, how to respond to competition, and how to nurture a great company culture when facing all of these demands. Fred was impressed that one of the first responses that Jason had was to seek the help of a SCORE Lancaster Lebanon mentor.

By late summer Fred had responded with the formation of a SCORE Advisory Board to tackle the issues on all fronts. The mentor team worked in the areas of finance, HR and marketing with the expertise and talents of Dave Diffenderffer, Eric Parker and Joann Brayman.  It soon became clear to Fred, and his co-mentors that Jason and Sara were an exceptional couple with truly extraordinary commitment to their business, their customers, and to their employees.

The best way to describe Jason’s work ethic and the way he runs his business is through his motto  "Business should be a tool to build people, rather than people used as tools to build a business." With that as his guiding mantra, the company has grown to over 40 employees who all are committed to serving others through their work.

“Jason and Sara have been excellent to work with. They are sincere about making their business successful not only for themselves but also for their employees. “

~ Fred Engle, SCORE volunteer mentor

After mentoring The Fence Experts for about a year and learning more about what motivated them, their mentor team nominated them for a coveted SCORE Small Business Award in 2018 and looked on proudly as Jason and Sara accepted it at the Ware Center in April that year.

“SCORE has helped us achieve our goals of running a healthy company by asking us the questions we didn't know we needed to be asking and then giving us ideas and life experience into those and other questions we do ask that have enabled us to make better and more informed decisions for our company. They've really helped us through their life experience and wisdom to avoid mistakes and take advantage of great real-life opportunities that we have benefitted from immensely.”

~ Jason Hurst, President of The Fence Experts

Jason and Sara continue to meet regularly with their SCORE Advisory Board and work on a variety of issues that face a company that continues to flourish and grow.

“I highly recommend seeking advice and input on the many decisions that face a person who is either starting a business or wanting to sustain and grow a healthy company. The amount of information and expertise available through a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor is very helpful to avoid costly mistakes and give every business the best chance of success in the marketplace. You can learn the hard way through trial and error and hope that you will make it through those costly life experiences, or you can work with a mentor and learn the informed way from someone who has been there and done it and avoid the many mistakes that are so common in business failures and difficulties. From my experience, I can't say enough about a good group of mentors like we work with!”

~ Jason Hurst, President, The Fence Experts


Client│Mentor Profile: The Fence Experts