Call it what you will, recession or depression—neither is good, and most everyone who isn’t in the 1 percent is going to feel it one way or another. Tens of millions of folks are already unemployed and struggling to pay the rent or feed their families. Financial insecurity is also affecting landlords, some of whom retired on the income from their one rental house, who are now not getting paid either.

Most people are feeling the various effects of the pandemic—isolation, overwhelm, lives and careers on hold, not to mention the fear of becoming ill—all of this along with a looming financial crisis. How are we supposed to deal with it?

If things are okay for you right now, count your blessings and save your money, because it could change at any second, and that is a stressful thought to live with, day in and out. The stock market is not an accurate depiction of the real financial strain the pandemic has put on us, and I am seeing more of it every day.

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