Lancaster City Alliance, in partnership with ASSETS, has developed a new coalition in an effort to bring together nonprofit, for-profit and government entities that specifically cater to entrepreneurs in start-up and micro-businesses. The Lancaster Entrepreneurship Coalition is built on the success of the Cultivate Lancaster Entrepreneurs Forum. The purpose of this coalition is to bring enhanced collaboration and intentionality to Lancaster’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by:

  1. Understanding better the needs of local entrepreneurs.
  2. Creating common goals and solutions to meet those needs. 
  3. Holding each other accountable to achieve these goals utilizing shared measurements.
  4. Seeking to leverage additional resources to expand the Coalition members’ work to increase the impact of the local business community.

SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon is proud to be a member of the Lancaster Entrepreneurial Coalition.  The Lancaster Entrepreneurship Coalition reflects SCORE's goal and committment to helping local small businesses succeed. Look for more information as this collaboration evolves.

Cultivate Lancaster Spawns New Coalition