Lancaster, PA, July 18, 2017— Creating impeccably formulated professional spa products that are not tested on animals is one of many distinguishing characteristics of Lancaster, PA’s Makes Scents Natural Spa Line.

Now the cruelty-free spa products manufacturer has announced it is rebranding its line by making two landmark changes and launching several new products.

All Vegan All The Time

Certified as a cruelty-free manufacturer through the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetic’s Leaping Bunny Program, Makes Scents Natural Spa Line products—nor the ingredients in them—have ever undergone animal testing. And now, the company will only make 100-percent vegan products. That means its products will contain only plant-based ingredients.

According to Makes Scents Natural Spa Line owner Heather Kreider, “Factory farming of animal products is an absolutely horrifying business, the focus is on production and profit. The well-being of the animals—and laborers—is often disregarded. That’s one of our primary reasons for going all-vegan.”

Another driving factor is the favorable environmental impact.

“Nine million—that’s the projection for how many people will share this earth in 2050,” shared Kreider. “That’s quite a lot for this planet to bear. Research has shown that following a vegan lifestyle contributes less air pollution and requires less land, water, and fossil fuels.”

Through exclusively making 100-percent vegan products, the company will help reduce the demands on the environment.


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100% Vegan Products And Ultra-Environmentally Friendly Packaging Are Hallmarks of Pennsylvania Spa Product Manufacturer’s Rebranding