Marketing Your Business on Social Media in 2020 and Beyond July 31, 2020

This SCORE Virtual Webinar examines the valuable tool that social media offers small businesses and organizations to market themselves in 2020 and beyond. Marketing your business on social media is no longer a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. It's vital that you understand each social platform and also what is most important to your customers when it comes to social media marketing. You don't want to invest too much time without a strategy that will lead to a return on your investment. The presentation will cover the following:

◘ Identifying a social media strategy: it's not as difficult as you think

◘ Which social media platforms should your business be present on based on what your business is trying to achieve

◘ New social media features and why they are essential to your business

◘ What are the expectations of your customers and how can you meet those expectations on social media

◘ What content moves the needle on social media ◘ Why is social media advertising critical and what should your business advertise

Presenter: ◘ Kris Bradley, Owner, and Founder of NameSpark Kris earned a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing in 2013 and has 13+ years of marketing experience. Kris brings an in-depth understanding of audience dynamics and marketing approaches.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media in 2020 and Beyond