SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Business Roundtables engage members with discussions about business issues and challenges, best practices, and networking opportunities. The November Service Professionals & Contractors Roundtable examined the role of communications with the assistance of roundtable member Donna Spina, founder & owner of Coaching InDeed,Inc. As business owners, mastering the skill as a communicator to your staff, vendors, customers, and prospective customers will impact your bottom line and quality of your relationships. In her presentation Donna examined the value of understanding the different personality styles and how to embrace, not resist, the way we are all uniquely wired to apply meaning to the words spoken.

Trust is an essential element in every organization for high performance. It requires honesty and self-awareness, both of which must be built and nurtured. As a coach and consultant, my job is to help leaders at all levels of an organization expand or learn greater self-awareness to better communicate and understand themselves, their team, prospects, and customer dynamics.”

~ Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP 

Donna is a Small Business Specialist with focus on behavior identification and modification for Business Owners, their Leadership Team, and Key Employees who manage Teams. She employs highly respected assessments, including DiSC, which help individuals and teams identify their core strengths, mitigate their weaknesses and uncover the blind spots in the communication and behavior arenas to support people to reach new levels of success. Most smaller companies lack a Human Resources department and the use of DiSC as part of the hiring process can reduce or eliminate unfortunate surprises. Every small business shares the experience of hiring highly qualified individuals who don’t fit on the team and therefore drag the team down.

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