The Latino community has become a dominant force charging small business growth and driving $700 billion into the US economy. SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon serves a region that has a growing Latino population and a large refugee community. Communication is key to effective mentoring, and bridging these language barriers soon became a goal for the Chapter.

Building a Bridge to Break Down Borders

Our Chapter 16 administrator Jeanne Aument is the first point of contact for all new clients. She quickly became aware of the limited English skills in some of the mentor requests and realized that these individuals would need special assistance in their choice of mentor and in their mentor sessions. Jeanne is also an encyclopedia of knowledge of all current SCORE clients. She immediately thought of the services provided by Language Beyond Borders and knew they would be the perfect partner to assist this new group of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

CWS-Lancaster is an organization committed to showing welcome to refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers, and other uprooted people within the United States, who are seeking safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Language Beyond Borders is a social enterprise program of CWS Lancaster that provides fee-based language services to local businesses, service providers, schools, hospitals, and more while creating professional employment opportunities for immigrants and refugees.

"Language Beyond Borders provides face-to-face interpretation and telephonic interpretation in over 150 languages. We also offer document translation and Cultural and Diversity training. We are here to support SCORE's efforts to serve their clients because we want to build a thriving community that is welcoming for all,"
    - Amer Al Fayadh,  Language Service Program Coordinator, Church World Service

The Foundation for Diversity and Inclusion

SCORE believes in the importance, value, and power of diversity – diversity of people and diversity of thought. It is this belief that is driving the SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon's efforts on increasing the diversity and inclusion within the Chapter.

"SCORE's strategic plan calls for greater diversity and inclusion. What better way to ultimately attract and create a  new, future stream of diverse mentors than to provide mentoring services to as diverse a group of clients as possible?  And that is what SCORE and Language Beyond Borders is accomplishing today, and in the process, laying the groundwork for greater organizational diversity in the future." 
    - Patrick Kameen, SCORE volunteer mentor

In the past few months, SCORE mentor Patrick Kameen has worked with new clients whose primary language is Spanish. Pat is familiar with the language but not bi-lingual, and especially not fluent enough to handle the translation on complicated discussions regarding a small business involving real estate transactions. He was eager to accept the assistance of a Language Beyond Borders translator in these mentoring sessions.

"As a mentor, using an interpreter requires some adjustments in the mentoring process.  Every mentoring session involves the coordination of at least three participants - mentor, interpreter, and client. Naturally, the mentor operates in English, the interpreter translates for the client what the mentor says, and then translates for the mentor what the client says.  The typical 45-minute mentoring session between English speakers naturally now stretches out to become an hour and a half or two-hour sessions.  With several non-English speaking clients, I have now worked with three different interpreters from Language Beyond Borders, and they have all impressed me with their professionalism and their bilingual skills."
    - Patrick Kameen, SCORE volunteer mentor

Partnership Opens Doors to Rich Possibilities

With the strategic cooperation that has recently been established between SCORE Lancaster Lebanon and Language Beyond Borders, the Chapter can now serve new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs regardless of their language.  The SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon region is rich with language and cultural diversity, and this diversity is reflected in the business community. Many local entrepreneurs cannot speak English, and SCORE has taken action to make sure that a lack of language skills does not impede benefiting from SCORE's mentoring services.

"SCORE Chapter 16, in partnership with Language Beyond Borders, is investing in the rich diversity of the region, as it extends its reach to any non-English speaking client seeking mentoring services for their new or existing businesses."
    - Patrick Kameen, SCORE volunteer mentor




SCORE mentor with translator