Meet new SCORE mentor Ken Bingaman. The value that comes from being a mentor adds so much to your life experience, both personal and professional, that many of our volunteers are now engaging while still active in their primary careers. Ken Bingaman completed his degree in Engineering at Penn State and has spent a career that spans thirty years in that field. Ken has worked at industry leaders such as Gannett Fleming, General Electric, and IBM. He is currently employed as an Instrumentation and Controls Engineer at Marsulex, which specializes in traditional and advanced air quality control systems. Throughout his engineering career and life, Ken has been able to weave in various business experience with different types of organizations, including small business, nonprofit, religious, rentals and side consulting endeavors.

Despite such a busy professional life, Ken was drawn to serve as a volunteer mentor for SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon based on the Mission, Vision & Values of SCORE. The core tenant of the SCORE organization is that “ Small business is the engine of our national economy through business formation, job creation and wealth building. Small businesses and their support are critical to vibrant communities in our society.” 

Ken was introduced to Chapter 16 of SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon by mentor Bob Hadfield and is now being coached as he completes his provisional status by volunteer mentor Jerry Glenn. 

"I have been able to co-mentor with several SCORE mentors and have been happy to contribute to the discussions and feel that I was able to help the client, which is why we do what we do.  Everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with at SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon has been very professional and very willing to help.  So far, I'm content with my decision, and I feel that Chapter 16 is top-notch!”
    - Ken Bingaman, SOCRE volunteer mentor

Ken is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:

• Business Operations

• Business Strategy & Planning

• Human Resources & Internal Communications

• Manufacturing & Industrial

• Nonprofit, Public & Professional Organizations

• Professional & Business Services

• Technical & Business Services

SCORE New Mentor Profile: Ken Bingaman