Meet new SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor David Hommel. In the past thirty years, David pursued a career in the woodworking industry and worked his way from machine operator to vice president of manufacturing for a publicly traded, educational furniture and supply corporation overseeing operations at several facilities. David was also responsible for the corporation's compliance with product safety standards as well as environmental regulations. He retired from the woodworking business in 2007 to pursue a second career when he and wife Carmen Garcia Hommel founded the much-loved ice cream company in downtown Lancaster, Carmen & David’s Creamery. David and Carmen sold their ice cream business in 2016.

In both his professional and small business experience, David’s always derived the greatest pleasure from teaching co-workers or later employees. 

“Helping others realize their full potential has been the most rewarding aspect of management for me. After I retired, I realized that this was the one thing I missed the most. Joining SCORE seemed like a natural fit.”

~ David Hommel, SCORE volunteer mentor

David has only been a mentor for a few months now, but he already has some memorable experiences that have made an impression.

“I have had the honor to meet the most amazing people. Life is not always easy or fair. I have had my share of successes, failures, and tragedies. Two years ago, my wife and I lost our son to a genetic illness. Oddly, that experience has served as a connection with more than one client who is suffering a similar loss while trying to build a business at the same time. I have been able to assure them that grief can be compatible with success and happiness. A wise business associate once told me, “We come into this world naked, and we leave this world naked. The only thing of value we leave behind us are the relationships we have made.” Sol is long gone now, but his words have remained with me. SCORE is all about building relationships.”

~ David Hommel, SCORE volunteer mentor

David is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following: 

New Industry Experience

• Accommodation & Food Services
Agriculture, Farming, Fishing & Hunting
• Manufacturing & Industrial 
• Professional & Business Services
• Retail & Wholesale Trade
• Transportation & Warehousing

Areas of Expertise

• Business Operations
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Human Resources & Internal Communications
• Manufacturing & Product Development
• Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
• Supply Chain Management 


Key Topics

SCORE New Mentor Profile: David Hommel