Meet new SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Beverley Doody. Beverley comes to SCORE after a 35-year career serving in Human Leadership Roles in the United Kingdom. Beverley’s experience spans a broad range of HR disciplines from compensation and benefits, labor-employee relations through to partnering with senior business unit leaders and owning performance management processes. She has also been responsible for oversight of Human Resource matters relating to mergers and acquisitions.

Five years ago, Beverley and her husband moved to the United States and created a home for themselves in Lancaster. They have made many friends and developed strong bonds with the community. Beverley found herself looking for a meaningful way to contribute to Lancaster’s continued growth and success.

Shortly after becoming a SCORE Chapter 16 volunteer mentor Beverley attended the annual Small Business Awards Luncheon held at The Ware Center. 

“This event opened my eyes to the vibrancy of the local Lancaster small business scene. The energy in the room was palpable, and the many success stories were truly inspiring. I was particularly impressed by the level of engagement in the room and the deeply supportive partnerships between these businesses and the SCORE mentors.”

~ Beverley Doody, SCORE volunteer mentor

Since April, Beverley has been working as a co-mentor to SCORE clients, assisting other mentors when her area of expertise is required for a particular issue. Beverley is also working with her own clients as well now and is passionate about helping them to achieve their dreams of small business success. 

“It is wonderful to have been welcomed with open arms by the members of SCORE Lancaster - Lebanon, and I have already participated in several mentor meetings - some for training purposes but a couple because of my specific skills and experience. Working with these clients enables me to pursue my personal passions of enabling people to achieve their potential and support their continued development.”

~ Beverley Doody, SCORE volunteer mentor

Beverley is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. She is familiar with the following:

• Human Resources & Internal Communications

• Manufacturing & Industrial



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SCORE New Mentor Profile: Beverley Doody