An estimated nine million people aged 65 and older volunteer their time each year in this country. SCORE chapters are built on the support of dedicated volunteers and draw on their lifetime of experience and skills. There is no more exemplary model of this than SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor Tom Roche.

Turning Golden Into Giving Years

The dream of retirement's "golden years" is to be free from work and to have days on end to do as you please. The reality is that millions of Americans are choosing to fill those hours with meaningful volunteer roles.

"Engaging in productive activities, such as volunteering, may hold significant health benefits for older adults. Compared to their non-volunteering counterparts, older adults who volunteer have reduced risk of hypertension, lower mortality rates, delayed physical disability, enhanced cognition, lower rates of depression, and report higher levels of life satisfaction, and decreased physical dependency."

- Stanford Center for Longevity

SCORE mentor Tom Roche is moving forward in his retirement years as he began. The act of volunteering is second nature to Tom and has been all his life.

"I have volunteered, in some fashion, since high school.  Helping out in my community keeps me grounded in what is important and how fortunate I am. By sharing my time and talent, I like to think I am helping strengthen our community, and hopefully, those I help will ‘pay it forward' to others."

- Tom Roche, SCORE volunteer mentor

A Lifetime of Experience and Skills to Support the Chapter

Tom currently serves as an active mentor and as the Chapter Treasurer. In his role as Chapter Treasurer, Tom is required to offer financial guidance to the Chair of SCORE Chapter 16, ensuring fiscal planning, decision-making, and oversight at a governance level. He is exceptionally well-matched for this role with a Master's Degree (Taxation) from Washington School of Law and a Bachelor's Degree (Accounting & Computer Science)  from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.

This skill set also benefits the SCORE clients that Tom mentors, or co-mentors.

"My business 'back office' experiences help me keep my clients on track to minimize surprises.  Having a client talk through their ideas helps them focus on what they want to do, or in some cases help them realize what they don't want to do."

- Tom Roche, SCORE volunteer mentor

There are so many volunteer opportunities available for talented retirees. The Chapter is fortunate in finding the caliber of mentors it needs to benefit and support an ever-growing number of small business clients.

"I had heard about SCORE and thought that my accounting, tax, and process skills could help a business get set up correctly.  Small businesses don't have a huge staff; the owner has to wear many hats, and that is where SCORE can help them learn about these 'other hats' they must wear as they run a for-profit or non-profit organization."

- Tom Roche, SCORE volunteer mentor

Benefits for Mind, Body & Spirit

The role of a SCORE volunteer mentor provides rich and tangible rewards as you see individual clients grow and evolve successfully in their enterprises.

"Often, I leave a meeting with a client, and I am so energized – they come with such passion and drive in their undertaking, and all they need is a little reassurance from their mentor that they are ok and on track.  If they don't have the financial, regulatory, or process knowledge/skills, that is where I can assist."

- Tom Roche, SCORE volunteer mentor

There is also the benefit of a strong sense of community among the mentor cohort. It builds an entirely new and vibrant network of associates. There is a strong sense of pride to be part of this respected organization that is making change happen at a time

when it's 'all hands on deck' for our small business community.

"What a tremendous resource we have at SCORE: not only with the ongoing live and recorded training sessions, but with the 10,000 mentors that are willing and available to be called upon for specific questions in their area of expertise. I am often humbled by the knowledge and talents of my fellow mentors – what an incredible brain trust we have at SCORE."

- Tom Roche, SCORE volunteer mentor

Tom is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:


  • Accounting & Cash Flow
  • Operations
  • Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Operations


  • Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical  Services
  • Real Estate, Rental & Leasing
  • Retail Trade
Tom Roche