SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon has felt the results of a 24% increase in the number of new small business openings nationally in 2021. Our Chapter supported requests for SCORE mentors from 722 new local small business entrepreneurs in the past year. This is in addition to servicing the needs of hundreds of existing clients. The key to our success in responding to these small business owners lies in our volunteer cohort. This dedicated group of retired business professionals is now joined by younger businessmen and women who are still active in their careers. They share a common bond of wanting to give back to their community.

Tapping Into a Rich Source of Volunteer Talent

Seymour studied liberal arts as an undergraduate at Azerbaijan State University of Languages and went on to achieve his MBA at the University of Texas at Austin.

Seymour Khalilov balances his day job as the Vice President of Performance, Strategy, and Regions at British Petroleum. He brings over fifteen years of experience to SCORE in managing & directing strategic planning, operations management, performance management, and investment governance. Most of his professional career has been in the energy sector, working in this multinational corporation worldwide.

"I have worked in fast-growing and mature businesses in rapidly changing and more stable operating environments. This experience has given me a chance to learn about challenges and opportunities for a business through its lifecycle and identify, grow, and protect value. These skills are transferable, and I hope they will add value to the SCORE clients' entrepreneurial journeys."
     - Seymour Khalilov, SCORE provisional volunteer mentor

It is not always simple to balance working full-time in a fast-paced career with a volunteer commitment, but Seymour seems to have mastered this tightrope.

"It is not an easy feat - juggling full-time work, family, and volunteering requires discipline in managing time and prioritizing. But I find it rewarding as it provides a way to meaningfully engage in the community. It is also nice to take my mind off work and do something else before coming back to it."

                - Seymour Khalilov, SCORE provisional volunteer mentor

The Motivation to Mentor

There are many reasons individuals choose to give their time and talents to improve their world. Most wish to see an immediate impact in the community where they live. SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon allows their volunteer mentors to do just that. Seymour Khalilov is clear about his reasons for choosing SCORE.

"I believe that a community is stronger when everyone gets involved and contributes in any way they can. It builds a healthy community and meaningful relationships, makes a difference in the lives of the people around them, and makes us resilient as a community.

Two things drew me to volunteer at SCORE specifically. The first one is, as a newcomer to Lancaster, I thought it would be a great way to get plugged into the community, meet both the mentor network and the clients that would help me get integrated into the broader community. The second one is an opportunity to give back in an area where I could add value to the community."  
            - Seymour Khalilov, SCORE provisional volunteer mentor

Seymour's coach on his journey towards the final steps in becoming a certified SCORE mentor is Jerry Glenn. There is no doubt that Jerry has been impressed with his protégé's enthusiasm and the valuable skills he brings to the Chapter's clients.

"Seymour has a unique background coming from Eastern Europe where many people became entrepreneurs out of necessity. He speaks several languages and has become an excellent listener and quick problem solver because of his background working in government and corporate environments. Seymour is truly an outstanding addition to our Chapter. You will want to co-mentor with him!"
     - Jerry Glenn, SCORE volunteer mentor

Seymour is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:


  • Business Plans/Start-up Assistance
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations & Sales
  • Operations
  • Strategy & Planning


  • Finance & Insurance
  • Mining, Quarrying & Oli and Gas Extraction
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services
SCORE Mentor Spotlight: Seymour Khalilov