In the 2020 fiscal year, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentors donated their time to conduct 3,869 mentoring sessions for new and existing clients. We expect this number to continue to grow as small businesses impacted by the COVID pandemic search for ways to pivot in order to survive – and thrive. We are grateful to have new,  young professionals join Chapter 16 as volunteer mentors during this time of unprecedented need. 

Sharing Time & Talents Through Mentoring

Laura Cooley joined SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon as a volunteer mentor in September of 2020. Laura brings an impressive skill set to the Chapter that will be of great benefit to our clients in the year ahead. She received her BA in Business Administration from Seton Hall University and an MBA from the University of Maryland Smith School of Business. Her professional experience spans marketing and communications in a B2B industry (security services). At present, Laura serves as a Brand Manager at The Hershey Company.

"My experience at larger companies ($3B+ in revenues) has allowed me the opportunity to experience the breadth of marketing, strategy, and brand-building tools. For the past three years at The Hershey Company, I have enjoyed working on well-known consumer brands. I know what digital marketing tools are out there. I know what it takes to strategically grow large brands, and I'm excited to bring that knowledge to much smaller businesses in my community."

      - Laura Cooley, SCORE volunteer mentor

Mentoring Brings Connection to Your Community

One of the many benefits of becoming a SCORE mentor is how it brings you in touch with the broader community. A mentor's role is often reversed as you meet the vibrant entrepreneurs and small business owners and discover that you are learning something new from each one.

 In a National Volunteer Month blog about the unexpected benefits of being a SCORE volunteer, these advantages were described.

"One of the great honors and pleasures in working with entrepreneurs is seeing the light come on and the pieces come together: a musician or artist being able to get paid for his or her creativity and talent, a brilliant tech person who could envision how to disrupt an industry, or someone who wanted to just leave a stifling big business or government job."

     - Jeanne Rossomme, SCORE Mentors

Finding That Community Connection in Lancaster

Laura Cooley has been intentional through the past ten years, while living in several different states, of including community service in her life. She found that volunteering connected her to each community in a unique way. In the process, it introduced her to a network of new friends and helped her to discover a sense of purpose outside of her day-to-day obligations.

" Since relocating to Lancaster in the past two years, I hadn't yet found the right organization to dedicate my time to support their mission.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, and after we settled into somewhat of a new normal, I found myself craving a way to give back to the community (other than supporting local business through regular take-out meals!). What I love most about Lancaster-Lebanon is that local small business is the heart of the community. I was heartbroken that these businesses were struggling during the pandemic.  I read about SCORE in an LNP article, and after some investigation, decided that this was an organization that would allow me to leverage my skills in a meaningful way.  Whether it is helping an entrepreneur get a new business off the ground or giving advice to an established company on how to pivot and grow in this challenging time, I'm looking forward to getting involved in this aspect of community development."

     - Laura Cooley, SCORE volunteer mentor

Laura is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. She is familiar with the following:

Individual Skills

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Individual Expertise

  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Professional & Business Services
SCORE mentor Laura Cooley