The mentors of  SCORE Chapter 16 have surmounted significant challenges over the last few months in addressing the pressing needs of a small business community devastated by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. We have been fortunate to have the assistance of ten new volunteer mentors whose talents were an enormous help during this time and will remain a valuable asset as we move forward.

Four Decades of Professional Experience

New SCORE mentor Jim Lee brings four decades of professional experience to our Chapter. Jim holds an MBA in quantitative business analysis from Cleveland State University and a bachelor’s in Finance. Beyond that formal education, Jim held the PMP certification for ten years from the Project Management Institute.

“Most of my recent professional career has been as an operations excellence consultant specializing in Knowledge Management for organizations around the world. Before that, I held roles in functions such as industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, and project management at General Motors as well as in the retail industry. In total, I can count four decades of professional experience and intend to continue in the workforce.”
- Jim Lee, SCORE Certified Mentor

The True Spirit of a Volunteer

Having the true spirit of a volunteer is a strong asset for any new mentor, and Jim Lee has a rich background in making meaningful contributions to create a better community. The value of volunteering is much greater, more rewarding, and much more essential in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community than wealth can ever measure.

“My interest in volunteering actually comes from a former college professor who inspired me to teach. While my professional career has always been in industry, teaching MBA courses as an adjunct at two colleges and now as an adjunct at HACC allows me to continue my passion for teaching. Volunteering in the area of education is just a natural extension for me, so when I came to the Lancaster area in 2016, I sought out volunteer opportunities.”
- Jim Lee, SCORE Certified Mentor

Building A Strong Community

The first organization to benefit from Jim Lee’s commitment to giving back to his community was Junior Achievement. He worked with students from fifth grade through high school seniors on the JA mission to “inspire and empower students to believe in themselves, showing them that they can make a difference in the world.” In 2018 Jim joined the Board at Lancaster Dollars for High Learning. The organization, founded in 1961, provides financial resources to Lancaster County residents in support of their post-secondary educational goals. In 2019 Jim served as President.

“Naturally, the benefits of volunteering are intrinsic—the satisfaction and knowledge of knowing that you may be able to help others in their own journey for knowledge and improvement. There is also the axiom which I have found to be true: that by your pupils you will be taught. That reciprocal learning has been equally valuable to me.”
Jim Lee, SCORE Certified Mentor

Focus on SCORE

Now Jim has focused his time and talent on a commitment to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. His background and skills are an invaluable asset to our Chapter. Jim’s passion for both volunteerism and education creates a profile for new mentor best practices.

“From day one, Jim Lee has been ‘all in’! His work & volunteer experience will benefit both our volunteers & our clients in the Chapter.” 
Edward Iovino, SCORE Certified Mentor

“The guidance and education provided by the mentors have been great; this is especially true of the many opportunities provided not only by co-mentoring but also the opportunities to attend monthly chapter and ‘execomm’ meetings. On the client-side, being involved in the Millersville University student mentoring program has been a fun and rewarding experience due to its alignment with my own interests.”
Jim Lee, SCORE Certified Mentor

In many ways, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon was a natural extension for continuing volunteer opportunities for Jim’s life of work and service here in Lancaster. He also notes that “SCORE’s reputation was a critical factor in selecting it as my organization of choice.”

Jim is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Nonprofit, Public and professional organizations
  • Professional and Business services

Areas of Expertise

  • Business operations
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Human resources and internal communications
  • Manufacturing and product development




SCORE Mentor Spotlight: Jim Lee