Jennifer Wimer is a little different from many of our past and current SCORE mentors, in that she still has a thriving professional career when deciding to serve as a volunteer mentor for Chapter 16. What she does have in common with them is a wealth of business knowledge and the drive to share it to help others who dream of running their own company or owning their own small business. 

Finding satisfaction taking on mentoring roles while still active in professional careers.

Jennifer is one of our “new breed” of mentors who are volunteering their time and talents while still active in the workforce - in her case, as President & CEO of Kairos Health Systems, based here in Lancaster. 

Kairos is a provider-owned healthcare system serving people in Pennsylvania and four additional states. Governed by a Board of Directors, the system specializes in post-acute healthcare providers, such as retirement living, nursing facilities, and community-based services. It creates new, innovative solutions and resources for its member providers to strengthen their financial and operational performance, with the ultimate goal of creating better health outcomes for the patients they serve.

Since joining Kairos, Jennifer has created and implemented strategic business plans to strengthen the performance of its members and developed new external business relationships to increase the variety of services it offers. Her success speaks for itself: Under her leadership, Kairos has increased membership by over 50%.

Some of Jennifer’s notable projects at Kairos so far include:

  • Increasing efficiency by creating a new website just for member organizations, where they can easily access details on contracts, pricing, governance, and services.
  • Establishing consulting programs to help member organizations and payers improve network performance, and address value-based care initiatives and population health --  resulting in savings and improved patient outcomes.
  • Adding claim recovery to the services Kairos provides to members, which resulted in members receiving over a half-million dollars in funds marked for write-off in the first year alone.

Helping people receive quality healthcare has been the theme of Jennifer’s career.

Previous to working at Kairos, she was the Region Clinical Manager for Apria Healthcare. There she developed best practices, trained employees, and audited branches to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Jennifer also reviewed and assessed Apria’s patient care issues, product complaints, and customer concerns, and evaluated the related corrective action plans to determine the proven best ways to improve performance and patient outcomes.

She began her career as a respiratory therapist, first in a hospital, and then in a home services setting. It’s this path that led to her interest in working with healthcare systems invested in-home care and encouraged a spirit of volunteerism that carries through to today. 

“I have volunteered for health organizations to impact patient outcomes, at grade schools as an advocate for science programs, and high schools as a mentor for girls,” says Jennifer. 

When it comes to SCORE, “I wanted to work with individuals to help them meet their professional goals, and my friend Denise Fessler told me about SCORE,” says Jennifer. “I believe that I have a lot to contribute. I am successful because of my mentors and want to help others be successful like they helped me.”

We’re confident that Jennifer’s exceptional abilities will be a valuable asset to each startup or entrepreneur with whom she establishes the bond of a client-mentor relationship. SCORE Chapter 16 is extremely fortunate to add a woman of her caliber to our ranks. 

Jennifer is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. She is familiar with the following:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Government & Regulation
  • Human Resources & Internal Communications
  • Non Profits
  • Healthcare & Social Assistance
  • Nonprofit, Public & Professional Organizations
  • Professional & Business Services
  • Technical & Business Services
  • Transportation & Warehousing
























SCORE Mentor Spotlight: Jennifer Wimer