Congregation Shaarai Shomayim, founded in 1855, is the oldest Jewish synagogue in Lancaster, and we were honored to be asked to serve as mentors to their Rabbi Jack Paskoff, and the Executive Committee.  SCORE mentor Lou Davenport, with a mentor team of Jerry Glenn and Eric Parker helped them to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy over the next three years for the Congregation.

“This has really been a critical part of our work over the last year, or so. We were held accountable to regular meetings, and regular assignments, and as a result of this were able to identify our needs, and more specifically, to see the need to hire an Executive Director, who will help us in our works.”

  • Rabbi Jack Paskoff of Congregation Shaarai Shomayim


It was a challenge to convince this group that they really had the financial strength to embark on a major strategic plan necessary for the type of changes they had in mind for their Congregation.  The SCORE mentor team helped them to conduct a thorough financial analysis, and the results enabled Rabbi Paskoff, and the Executive Committee to reach the conclusion that they were in a strong position to move forward with the plans they had envisioned.

“It was an exercise that was both fun, and challenging.”

  • SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon mentor, Lou Davenport


SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon has done a great deal of work in the Lancaster community with non-profit organizations, and it is both a pleasure, and a privilege to work with each of them, as volunteers.

“Our services are completely free to for-profit, and non-profit businesses that we can assist in planning & executing their plans, and improving their operations and management processes.”

  • Lou Davenport, SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon mentor


Rabbi Paskoff and the Congregation Shaarai Shomayim​ Executive Committee met with their SCORE mentors a year after the process had begun to assess the progress and development of their work together.

“We are here now to look at what’s happened over this past year, what changes do we need to make for the next two years, and I think, as Jack has indicated, it has been a very successful venture for all of us.”

  • Jerry Glenn, SCORE Lancaster Lebanon mentor


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SCORE Client Profile: Congregation Shaarai Shomayim