Your first introduction to Chris Moore’s basement workshop is something of a combination mad scientist-hoarder experience. But there is most definitely a method to the madness in the clutter of machines, cables and miscellaneous gadgets that make up the home of Creating Moore, LLC, and Chris has a plan for each and every one. Chris started “dabbling” back in 1998 when he read voraciously on research studies on Cold Fusion & gravity engines and eventually began work on what he termed “his little hobby.” Fast forward to the present and that basement hobby has transformed into Creating Moore, LLC, a company that is creating innovative technology to transform society, enabling us to better steward our planet's resources.

A little over two years ago Chris Moore began working with SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Robert Hadfield on moving some of his inventions into commercial development.

My goal for Creating Moore, LLC is to become a company that is continually developing, selling, licensing or marketing inventions which will help to make people's lives better. SCORE helped me to focus on taking two of my inventions the entire way through the process from concept to a final product that can be sold or licensed to a manufacturer. I am confident that I can now replicate this process successfully as I move forward with my other inventions.
Chris Moore, founder Creating Moore, LLC

In the time that Bob has been working with Chris there has been significant progress in the projects that Creating Moore, LLC had on the launchpad.

Chris has two active design innovations/inventions.  One is a self-heating baby bottle which is in the final design and testing phase, and soon to be commercialized.  The other is the VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) invention that has received a provisional patent and is in the early stages of design development and feasibility testing.
Robert Hadfield, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Now that Bob is opening a new chapter in his life he has turned the lead mentor role over to Hugh McMaster, who has been working with Creating Moore, LLC for about four months now.

Bob Hadfield's experience with Marketing and Sales has been invaluable.  Bob helped Chris focus on ideas that have commercial potential.  My background in engineering and product development is a good complement to identify practical steps to execute the idea. Chris has shifted his focus from the idea to the execution.  He has sharpened his target market and is devoting serious efforts towards commercially executing the idea.  He is educating himself on funding options to realize his dream.
Hugh McMaster, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

The future is bright for Chris Moore. Ben Franklin Technology Partners recently named Chris and Creating Moore, LLC as a finalist in their 2018 Big Idea Contest. Chris’ entry is for "A new unique Vertical Axis Wind Turbine design with blades that automatically furl (close up) in high wind. The furling reduces stress on the system, allowing for normal energy outputs without a braking mechanism, even during extreme winds. The generator is also a brand-new design with the potential to produce electricity without a noisy, expensive gearbox of similar sized units on the market today." Grand prize in the contest is up to $50,000 in cash as well as business mentoring, networking opportunities, and feedback from experts.

Chris is a winner as far as his SCORE mentors are concerned, no matter who is announced on August 15 at The Candy Factory ceremonies.

Chris is a thoughtful, intelligent, and committed inventor with the will, desire, capacity, and capability to add value and create opportunities to better society in a variety of unique ways through innovative design and applications for everyday use in people's lives.  He has ‘delivered’ on his promises, found ways to adapt to changing conditions, constantly seeks to improve, and always has his mind on the future.  It has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience for me to be his mentor.
Robert Hadfield, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Follow the progress of Chris’s invention adventures on his YouTube Channel!

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