The Wellness Industry is now a multi-trillion-dollar global economy. Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort and it has become rewarding for individuals of all ages to become proactive in caring for their health, diet, and exercise to improve their overall wellness profile. This has now extended to efforts to modify and control personal spaces and environments, to make them greener, more serene, and less stressful.

SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon client Joella Gamon is refining a business plan to create a subscription service for live plants delivered to your door on a regular schedule. Her startup would be called – Gnomesy.

Gnomesy is the wellness company that provides the plants, decor, and tools you need to build and maintain a serene vibe in your indoor and outdoor living space. Sent in biweekly shipments, it is paced to fit within a hectic schedule. 
We support you with detailed layout and ongoing care instructions along with automatic reminders to ensure that your home is a haven.”

  • Joella Gamon, founder of Gnomesy

In April of this year SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Kevin St. Cyr met Joella at an event sponsored by SCORE partner Catamaran.  That meeting developed into a client-mentor relationship that is helping to guide Joella in the startup process.

Joella has been working earnestly to develop the Gnomesy business plan. As a starter to that, she developed a Business Model Canvass which highlights key external (market/client facing) and internal (operational/financial) considerations. She is also planning market testing in the mid-Atlantic region in the next several months.”
- Kevin St. Cyr, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Kevin has provided the feedback and accountability that I needed to move forward with finalizing a business plan and moving from ideation into product development.”
- Joella Gamon, founder of Gnomesy

Joella’s business plan is hitting a key demographic in the current economy with Americans spending over $36 billion on lawn and gardens in 2015, led by Baby Boomers and a strong surge among Millennials. Indoor gardening is a growing trend of late and one of the reasons is centered on wellness. A green environment enhances the mood, absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces stress, and helps to create a nurturing space. All of this generates ideal condition for the launch of Joella’s green scheme called Gnomesy!

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