SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentors work with every type of business and organization, but there are always those that leave a lasting impression. SARCC Lebanon provides counseling, education, advocacy, and prevention programs on sexual abuse issues.

SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentors Bob Hadfield and Kevin Saint-Cyr worked together to assist CEO Jenny Murphy-Shifflet and the SARCC board of directors when she made a decision to retire after almost three decades of service to the organization.  

Bob Hadfield observes, “Working closely with Kevin St. Cyr, we were able to provide coaching, guidance, and direction to the Executive Director, the management team, and the Board of Directors to plan and establish a process for the recruitment, selection, and hiring of a new Executive Director.  We also helped and assisted in the creation of the transition plan from the existing Executive Director to the new Director.  It was a very meaningful and rewarding experience to support and guide this very worthwhile and valuable non-profit organization!”

Kevin Saint-Cyr was impressed by Jenny’s obvious dedication to the future of this organization that she had dedicated her life’s work to. “We were fortunate that Jenny gave 18 months' notice of her intent to retire. She wanted to 'get it right' and that certainly gave us plenty of runway from a planning perspective. Still, it took 8 months, from initial meeting to board approval of Jenny's successor.”

From the organization perspective, the client-mentor relationship has been a success, and Bob and Ken look forward to continue working with this fine group.

“SARCC’s President/CEO ‘s decision to retire after almost 30 years of service to the community was a monumental task for the nonprofit agency.  SARCC chose to work with SCORE mentors Kevin St. Cyr and Bob Hadfield because both men recognized and respected the challenges a change in leadership could bring to the vision and mission of the organization.

We felt fully supported by our SCORE mentors as we transitioned from a search committee into a transition committee.  SCORE mentors played an important role in ensuring that SARCC’s future is solid and being directed with strong leadership.”


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