Summer seems that perfect time to catch up on all those books you have been meaning to read. A hammock under a shady tree beckons.  That beach chair just has your name all over it. Some stolen moments to enjoy turning pages outdoors while the days are so much longer. All add up to ideal conditions for running through those “Best Books of Summer” lists that pop up every year.  It’s also the perfect time to launch the dream of opening your own bookstore, and that is exactly what SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon client Lisa Villani has done this summer with the June 29th opening of The Caffeinated Bookworm at 245 Centerville Road in Lancaster!

The Caffeinated Bookworm is an independent bookstore committed to offering a quality selection of new and used books for customers of all ages and backgrounds as well as an assortment of writing and drawing materials.  Lisa also offers teas, stationery, fudge and gifts in her charming little corner bookshop. It is obviously a labor of love with all the bookshelves hand-made by Lisa’s husband Bill. You can bring in your own gently-used books and receive a store credit towards a purchase.

Lisa came to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon in September 2017 for help in pursuing her dream of becoming a bookseller. Lisa and Bill began working with SCORE mentor Fred Engle on her financials and business projections.

Working with Score, and Fred was such a huge help! Fred took the time to go over our business plan and tighten our numbers and gave us great advice, letting us know what the banks would want to see and what to remove. We had gone in thinking we'd also be a cafe, but our numbers weren't adding up, so Fred went back to the drawing board as did we. We decided to go the used bookstore route to start was a better fit and so far, it has worked out perfectly!

Lisa has a background from Borders to go along with her passion for books and is knowledgeable about the volumes that fill the shelves at The Caffeinated Bookworm. There is nothing better when you walk into a bookshop just looking for something new to take home.

Lisa has worked very hard to open her bookstore and has a strong determination to succeed, along with the knowledge to do so!
Fred Engel, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor


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