When Lou Davenport retired from Armstrong World Industries, Inc. here in Lancaster, PA, he recognized his day-to-day routine change. He found that he missed the challenge of working with others who had the intelligence, passion, and commitment to the pursuit of excellence in their work. This lead Lou to become a SCORE volunteer mentor.

As a former senior financial executive, Lou joined SCORE with experience in business and financial planning for both start-up and established business and a special focus on financial turnaround challenges.

The chief benefit of being a mentor with SCORE for Lou is that his SCORE work with clients has kept him young, “You have to "stay at the top of your game" when you are providing mentoring services that clearly can and do affect the lives of others,” he says.

Since becoming a SCORE volunteer mentor, Lou has counseled contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, and service firms in various industries.

“The biggest surprise from becoming a SCORE mentor is what a personal growth and developmental experience it has been. I wasn't looking for that, but that's what I got,” explains Lou.

Interested in becoming a SCORE volunteer mentor? Simply visit us online and fill out our online application.

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The Pursuit of Excellence: Lou Davenport, SCORE Volunteer