Meet new SCORE mentor Keith Landis. During his career, Keith has built several businesses from the growth floor to successful exiting. During that time, he has had to learn every aspect of the process, from being a certified QuickBooks accountant to taking the lead for national sales and marketing campaigns. The years saw him building call centers as well as engaging in web developments, analytical marketing, and the creation of internal operations. Most of these businesses pursuits have been related to financial services. Keith spent the first 7 years of his career growing a land title business from a staff of 2 to the second largest in Lancaster, PA. At the same time, he founded a mortgage brokerage firm which in just 8 years became a mortgage bank operating in 26 states.

Since 2010 I have had the privilege of being a business consultant which has been fascinating work.  I have seen the books, ideas and thought processes of hundreds of businesses from multiple continents over those years. I just completed work influencing a Government Ministry in Guyana and am actively working on a patent for a pyrolytic manufacturing plant in Kentucky.   Prior to that, I helped build two student loan companies: one we listed on NASDAQ, the prior one sold to Lehman Brothers.  Prior to that, I was in the mortgage business and title business.

Keith was recently named a finalist in the Ben Franklin Technology Partners   "Big Idea" Contest! Keith, with Quantified Financial Solutions, is developing software that allows the user/customer to view the outcomes of decisions based on current and future financial projections.
"The software product being developed will provide heretofore unseen financial quantification of the decisions made by the general public, which are the clients of our clients. The need for this product/service exists because none of these institutions, asset, and liability managers, is currently able to assist their customer base in a manner that evidences the short and long-term financial ramification of each decision of consequence."

We often wonder what motivates our new mentors to choose SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon as an outlet for such a strong commitment of volunteer time and effort.

A gentleman that I go to church with recently moved to the area and was a retired accountant looking for something to do with his time.  I remembered SCORE from somewhere in the recesses of my mind, so I referred him to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon in the presence of my wife.  She later asked me why didn’t I volunteer?  I had never thought about it. A week later I was sitting in front of Ed Iovino.” 

Keith has already begun co-mentoring some clients with the assistance of seasoned SCORE mentors and has experienced the rewards that this can bring.

My first event with SCORE was at the Tellus360 celebration.  I remember calling my wife on the way home and stating how exhilarating it was to sit among the wisdom of all these individuals, and how they were genuinely good people.  After I got off the phone it hit me that by default they must be good people.  These individuals make a conscious decision to give away wisdom cumulatively worth millions of dollars.  

I have only worked with two clients so far, both with mentors Dick Henderson and today with Bill Beyer.  Two wonderful examples of the above paragraph.  It is energizing to see the naiveté and excitement in these young startups.  I can’t imagine how rewarding it must be to see the results a couple of years down the road.

Keith is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is experienced with the following:

Business Operations
Business Strategy & Planning
Government & Regulations
Human Resources & Internal Communications
Sales, Marketing, & Public Relations

Key Topics

New SCORE Mentor Profile: Keith Landis