Meet new SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Patrick Kameen. Our newest mentor comes to us by way of the SCORE Monmouth County, NJ Chapter where he was happy to serve many small and mid-size small business clients as an active mentor for the last year and a half. Since his move to Lancaster last August he has been looking forward to continuing the same type of client involvement here in Chapter 16. Patrick feels a unique bond with the small business community having grown up in a family where his father owned a small retail business and knowing first-hand the challenges a small business owner faces each day.

Patrick began his professional career with a MA from University of Pittsburgh and he worked for almost a decade as an English as a Second Language instructor. He went on to acquire a MBA from the University of Louisville, with a concentration in finance and spent the next 35 years in a range of finance roles within large and small companies, primarily in the treasury, corporate finance, benefits, insurance, and back-office support functions.  During that time, Pat worked for a variety of different companies, in a range of different industries, and in a number of different states, primarily in the Treasury and Corporate Finance functions, overseeing virtually all the back-office finance functions.

Pat has experience in a wide variety of businesses, including publicly-traded, private equity-owned, cooperatives, and private industries, ranging from international telecommunications, grocery and hardware wholesaling, and for-profit and not-for-profit health care. In his career, he has been responsible for financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, cash and investment management, capital markets, and relations with commercial and investment banks. He has been involved in the buying and selling of several companies, including performing the financial analysis to substantiate the acquisition, then arranging financings totaling over $4 billion to finance the purchase of these businesses, and to support their on-going operations.  

Now that Pat is settled here in Lancaster he looks forward to new challenges as a SCORE mentor, assisting start-up and existing business clients in the same way he did with the Monmouth County SCORE Chapter. His greatest strengths there were his ability to listen and assist his clients as the work through challenging business issues. Pat looks forward to having the same level of impact with the SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Chapter.

Patrick is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:

• Health Care & Life Services

• Retail and Wholesale Trade

• Business Financing & Accounting

• Business operations

• Business Strategy & Planning


New SCORE Mentor: Patrick Kameen