Meet new SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Kristin Marshall. Kris has led a full and busy life in the corporate world, starting off in customer service as a customer service representative.  That experience gave her an understanding of the client base and how important customer service was to the sales organization of the company.

From 1978 thru 2007 Kris worked as the Manager of Accounts Payable and Payroll for Bosch Security Systems, Phillips Security Systems, BURLE Industries and RCA Corporation. For each company, which resulted from the sale of the previous company, Kris was responsible for implementing temporary payroll systems for the employees and then working on teams to integrate payroll and accounts payable into the systems of the new company owner.

In 2007 Kris was hired by Carpenter Technology Corporation as a payroll analyst with specialization in tax and general ledger processing for 9 companies and 5,000 employees.  In 2017 Kris skills were acquired by TE Connectivity Corporation where she was employed as a tax analyst and general ledger processer for a payroll including 15 companies and 10,000 employees. She retired in April of 2018.  

Kris Marshall is someone who knew she wanted to give back to her community when she did finally retire, and she felt that SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon was the perfect place to begin. While she spent the majority of her career working at large corporations, it was the experiences with her former husband’s small business (manufacturer’s representative) as well as her father’s small business (painting contractor) that gave Kris an appreciation of the importance of the day-to-day dealings within a small business. For those mentors who have only worked within large corporations, they may not appreciate the range of activities that a small business owner will need to handle to run their business. Kris’ goal now is to learn and understand more of the management aspect of creating a small business so that she becomes more valuable as a SCORE mentor in the initial creation of a client’s business plan.

Her commitment to a volunteer spirit does not end with SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. Kris carries a full and diverse volunteer schedule. She re-shelves books in the Children’s Department of Lancaster Public Library, “Primarily do this for exercise but I also enjoy watching the children interact with each other while playing and learning.” Kris is also fascinated with the Lancaster Science Factory’s goal to provide education relating to STEM.  “I believe that the U.S. is sorely lacking in an educational system that promotes STEM for young children and particularly for young females.” Currently she is volunteering for them for special events only, but that role will be expanding in 2019. The New Year will see Kris using her extensive background in tax regulations put to use as she serves as a VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance volunteer for the United Way of Lancaster County.  VITA helps put hard-earned money back in the pockets of low-to-moderate income wage earners in the form of tax refunds and tax credits.

Kristin Marshall is an example of a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor who is dedicated to serving her small business clients and sharing with them the wealth of her knowledge and experience and also of the spirit of service that all SCORE mentors possess. She has found a home among us because like all SCORE volunteer mentors she is a passionate professional who is driven to find a way to contribute, and retirement was not an off-switch for her sense of commitment.

Kris is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. She is familiar with the following:

• Business Finance & Accounting
• Human Resources & Internal Communications

Key Topics

New SCORE Mentor: Kristin Marshall