Meet new SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor Harry Mauermeyer. Before beginning his professional career Harry spent three years in the US Army as a Nuclear Weapons Maintenance Specialist. After his discharge he continued his studies at New Jersey Institute of Technology, earning a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a M.S. in Management Engineering.

Henry remained at his alma mater, the state's public polytechnic university and a leader in STEM education, research, economic development, and service, for the next 42 years, serving as a university administrator until his retirement in 2014. During that final 20 years of that tenure Henry served as Senior Vice President for Administration and Treasurer.  During that period the university had an operating budget of $400 million, 3 million square feet of buildings, including classrooms and laboratories, specialized research facilities, offices and 2,200-bed residential facilities. Henry’s portfolio included all financial operations, facilities planning, financing and construction, contract management–government and business operations, and a Technology-based Business Incubator, both as treasurer for the university and its separate fund-raising foundation.

This impressive professional career also includes having served two (maximum permitted), three-year terms as a Commissioner for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as well as continuing service as a member and/or chair of accreditation teams. Additionally, Henry continues to serve on several non-profit boards, is active on their finance committees, and is treasurer of his Cape May Condominium Association. More recently, he was elected to the Willow Valley Manor Campus Resident Council.

It is often said that when you want to get things done you need to tap the busiest person in the room and that is often the case with our SCORE volunteer mentors. Since Henry and his wife Carol moved to Lancaster he decided that he needed to give back to the local community and was looking for the best fit to do that.

“I have been aware of SCORE for some time and had family members who served as mentors.  The driving factor to get involved with SCORE in Lancaster at this time was a contact from a friend who is an active SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon member. He encouraged me to share my time and talents along with my strong belief that my expertise in financial and facilities planning, and operations management would be of value in helping others attain their business goals.  

In retirement, it is important for me to continue to redefine and expand upon the skills I developed during my career on the one hand and to be an active part of the Lancaster community on the other. While most of my experience was focused on not-for-profit activities, many areas such as finance and planning are also key to a for-profit company and this will enable me to better serve the range of SCORE clients.”
    - Henry Mauermeyer, SCORE volunteer mentor

The rewards of becoming a SCORE mentor are not just from the relationship that a mentor forms with individual clients and pride that you take in being part of their success, but also in the interactions and bonds that form between mentors, who work together to support one another both professionally and personally in any way that is required.

“Participating in SCORE activities has introduced me to the people and businesses in the community and I have started to build a client base. Although I have only been involved with SCORE a short while, I have already made a number of SCORE friends who have been most helpful to me and my wife in making an easier transition as we recently relocated to Pennsylvania from New Jersey. “
   - Henry Mauermeyer, SCORE volunteer mentor

Henry is eager to serve with co-mentoring opportunities. He is familiar with the following:

• Business Finance & Accounting
• Business Operations
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Educational Services
• Government Contracting
• Government Regulation
• Nonprofit, Public & Professional Organizations

New SCORE Mentor: Harry Mauermeyer