SCORE Lancaster Lebanon mentor Jim Frey is delighted with the challenges and rewards that are presented in working with clients Emily Moccero & Evan Young. They arrive as something of a package because not only do they share a life together, but Emily’s new shop, Realm & Reason is located in a beautiful historic building that Evan recently acquired at 213 West King Street in historic Downtown Lancaster.  

Emily is establishing a gallery/boutique/event space that channels a bohemian and rock & roll vibe, while Evan is managing several newly acquired properties on West King and the trials that these beautiful older buildings can present.


We really think that SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon has been an excellent asset in our lives because it has also given us the encouragement and confidence we need to continue taking the next steps forward in our business ventures.”

  • Emily Moccero, artist/owner of Realm & Reason Shop


SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon has been really helpful for us to wrap our heads around all of the aspects of being both shop owners and property managers.”

  • Evan Young, building owner at Realm and Reason


In simplest form, Realm and Reason is both an art gallery/event space and a unisex art and apparel boutique channeling bohemian and rock and roll vibes, providing a shopping experience unique to our little city of Lancaster, PA. We strive to create a retail destination for our free spirited, independently thinking, and artistic customers with a mild budget. Our shop sells new men and women’s clothing from small, independent brands (including two of our own) and at times may even have a vintage section.

The shop also makes use of large room by turning it into an art gallery. We rotate through different local artists, making the shop a great place to stop for First Fridays! The gallery room is also available for small event rentals - pop-up brunches, art shows, small music shows, yoga classes, etc.!”


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Mentor Profile: Realm & Reason