The beginning of December marked a significant milestone for an extraordinary mentor.  After retiring, Lou Davenport began his second career with SCORE on December 1, 1996 – twenty-five years ago. He is as passionate about his clients today as he was from the very beginning. 

Jerry Glenn is the mentor that knows Lou best and has worked beside him for the last forty-four years, first at Armstrong World Industries and later at SCORE. Jerry has heard Lou say more than once, "My job at Armstrong was my career and has allowed me to pursue my passion which is SCORE and helping people be successful." 

A Mentor for the Ages

Our records only go back to FY2010, so we have taken those numbers and calculated an estimation of Lou's numbers for the previous 14 years, and here they are:

  • 600 Unique Clients Served
  • 9,025 Client sessions held as the lead mentor
  • Plus - thousands of sessions as a co-mentor.
  • 8,417 hours in client sessions (over four years working full time 40 hour weeks)  
  • Plus - thousands of hours as a co-mentor

Lou is consistently #1 in our Chapter every year regarding the hours invested in client sessions as a mentor and co-mentor at over 500 hours per year. That translates into three months working full time at 40 hours per week. 

In addition to the client involvement, Lou has been a leader for SCORE not only on a local level but also on a District and National level. He became the Chapter Chair of Chapter 16 when it consisted of about 25 volunteers, and the basement office was on Orange Street under a tattoo parlor. Through his efforts with SCORE National and local contributions, Lou moved the Chapter to our current location at Liberty Place. He later became the Assistant District Director and then the District Director for SCORE overseeing 16 Chapters in Eastern PA and the state of Delaware.  

A Legacy of Leadership & Learning

Lou is involved in his clients' success and those he co-mentors; he is also invested in helping the SCORE mentors learn to become better mentors to their clients both here and nationally. Lou is well known and respected by mentors throughout the country. He is the Father of the SCORE Financial Projection Model and leads regular and well-attended Chapter Financial Roundtables. Lou was instrumental in creating the Simple Steps Program for Chapter 16. SCORE Chapters around the country now use this same program. 

The most lasting legacy of Lou's long tenure as a volunteer mentor with SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon lies in his relationships with his clients and with others that he has touched in the organization. Many of them go back for years. 

"Lou's 15 years of support from struggling start-up, expansions, COVID, and transitioning ownership have been invaluable. The generous, kind volunteer who used his experience to benefit others is a great example of giving back to our community."
     - Terry Weaver, President, USA Gypsum 

"Lou Davenport has and continues to be a crucial part of our success at Zoetropolis and Lancaster Distilleries. Not only has Lou been a mentor, but he cares for us like a family member. Today in a meeting he told us "I know you better than anyone" which is true! Lou knows our vision, our hopes, our dreams, our strengths, and our shortcomings. He is a mediator for the five partners that manage the enormous undertaking that running a 3 part business entails. There are so many moving parts, and Lou is tuned into them all, intelligently guiding us with the utmost care. He is an above and beyond help to us and an honorary part of our business."
     - Cheila Huetner and Nate Boring, partners at Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse

"You are the reason I am in the position I am today.  Without you, I would have never had the courage to tell Devin that I wanted to be the Vice President of Marketing all those years ago.  Without that, who knows where I would be today.   You have encouraged, challenged, pushed, and guided me through the years, always with the intention of helping make SCORE…and me…better!  And there is no doubt in my mind that you succeeded in making those things happen.  Thank you for everything.  I will be forever grateful to you, and I feel truly blessed to have you as a part of my life."
     - Bridget Weston, CEO, SCORE National 

A Mentor Milestone: Lou Davenport Celebrates 25 Years of Service to SCORE