SCORE Client Larry Nissley informed his mentor Jerry Glenn that he would be stopping by the SCORE Extraordinary Give event at Foxduck last Friday evening to deliver two very special checks. Larry and Clean Energy Heating Systems, LLC have been a client of SCORE since April of 2012, and Larry had made a promise to himself that once the company firmly broke through the profit barrier ceiling he was going to donate $1,000 to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. Larry recently approached his Board of Directors with the proposal to match his donation to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. The board responded with a loud “Yes!”

Larry and his fellow owners formed Clean Energy Heating Systems, LLC, after they lost their jobs when the business they worked for was sold to an out of state venture capitalist, and they declined to move, wishing to remain near their families. This decision was made in 2012 when the Great Recession was still having a significant impact on their industry, and the headwinds they faced as a startup were fierce.

After reaching out to SCORE for the assistance of a mentor, Larry and his colleagues began working with volunteer mentor Jerry Glenn. Larry has a strong background in Supply Chain Management but was aware of his weakness in broader Business knowledge. Jerry has met with Larry and his partners regularly over these past seven years to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.  He has offered various financial strategies and coaching on best business practices to grow the business.

During the past year, the profit barrier ceiling was reached in a meaningful way. Clean Energy Heating Systems, LLC is not only sustaining the original partners and their families but offering full, or part-time employment for up to a dozen other individuals seasonally. Their clean and efficient waste oil furnaces that “heat up your bottom line”  by taking used oil products out of the waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE heat for a business are now distributed all across North America as far away as Peru and Chile.

Larry J. Nissley│A Matching Gift Success Story