SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon serves a region that has a growing Latino population and a large refugee community. Communication is key to effective mentoring. And that can be a challenge when trying to serve segments of our community that have limited English language skills — and a wide range of native languages. 

Building Language Bridges

But it's not an insurmountable challenge for Pat Kameen, SCORE volunteer mentor. Pat specializes in working with clients who are not proficient in English. Not that he can speak the worlds' languages, although he does have a working knowledge of Spanish. Rather, he works with another SCORE client, Amer Al Fayadh, owner of Communication Essentials LLC, who provides translators for virtually any of 150 languages -- via phone or video conference.

"Communication Essentials LLC provides face-to-face interpretation and telephonic interpretation in over 150 languages. We also offer document translation and cultural and diversity training. We are here to support SCORE's efforts to serve their clients because we want to build a thriving community that is welcoming for all."

    - Amer Al Fayadh, owner, Communication Essentials LLC

With the strategic cooperation between SCORE Lancaster Lebanon and Communication Essentials LLC the Chapter can serve new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs regardless of their language. The SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon region is rich with language and cultural diversity, and this diversity is reflected in the business community. SCORE is committed to ensuring that a lack of English language skills does not impede benefiting from SCORE's mentoring services.

Key Topics

Language is Not a Barrier