It’s Valentine’s Day and all the world is focused on hearts. So, we thought we might draw your attention to the very heart of SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon, Chapter 16. An organizational chart might show the structure, ranks & relationships in a group, but it never really paints a picture of its heart. Anyone who is involved with SCORE, has visited the office, or called on the phone, knows that our strong heart is centered around two remarkable women, Office Manager, Jeanne Aument, and Administrative Assistant, Michelle Deller. Like other administrative professionals they find themselves in ever changing and diversifying organizational roles. At the SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon offices they demonstrate the number one requirement for this task, taking initiative, without being asked to do so – daily!


While the SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Chapter is comprised of some 65 volunteer mentors, there is no day to day oversight of the Administrative staff. Jeanne and Michelle coordinate with individual executive committee members and the mentor community at large, to formulate and deliver the activities required to keep the Chapter functioning while, at the same time, serving as the face of the organization to our clients. That can mean a day that includes juggling database maintenance, while exploring cloud-based apps, and monitoring social media campaigns, while tinkering with the SCORE website. Yet when you walk through our door at Liberty Place they look up and greet you with a bright smile, and hello. Well unless it is very early in the morning and you have not given Jeanne enough time to have her coffee! They also have the financial acumen necessary to provide banking services, expense account control and invoice processing for the Chapter.

“Jeanne and Michelle are true herders of cats. They anticipate the needs of 65 mentors and hundreds of clients and initiate plans and processes for the betterment of the SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Chapter. We are honored to have them on our team”

  • Bobb Bewley, President, SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon, Chapter 16


Most importantly Jeanne and Michelle serve as the very first introduction to SCORE for our clients, and for our new volunteer mentors. They answer not only phones, and emails, but questions and concerns about how to find a mentor, how to become a mentor, and how to support SCORE – Lancaster Lebanon.  They are our gatekeepers, and they do it each day with smiles, and a heaping measure of heart!

The Heart of SCORE Lancaster - Lebanon