In 2014, David Fix signed up for SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon’s 5 Simple Steps program to help him launch his small business. Following the workshop, he contacted SCORE about a free one-on-one mentor. Shortly after, David was introduced to Cathy Ketterman.

“During our meetings at the SCORE office, Cathy provided answers to my questions and encouraged me on my path to success,” says David.  In May 2015, David took the plunge and retired from his full time job with the United States Postal Service and worked to slowly grow his business, Reunion Planners Plus, LLC. “While I possessed the knowledge to plan reunions, I had no idea of the requirements to officially and legally operate a business. SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon provided the information I needed to allow me to succeed,” David explains.

Cathy, a five year SCORE mentor, helped David make his dream become a reality, "David and I met to discuss his ideas about growing a small Navy reunion planning program that he had been working on for a couple of years. His dream was to make it successful enough to support his family and himself following retirement from the USPS. He was very open to sharing his thoughts, vision, and experiences, as well as, throwing new ideas on the table for discussion."

In November 2016, David and his husband Greg moved to Nalcrest, Florida, “While I may have moved to another state, I remember the importance of SCORE in all I do. Recently, I contacted SCORE in Lakeland, FL and was paired with a mentor that is a CPA who was able to answer my questions,” David says.

Today, Reunion Planners Plus, LLC continues to grow. David has found his S.W.A.G. sales increase with strategic email marketing aimed at reunion groups, as well as the size of the reunions he is planning continue to grow from 30 attendees for a 3 day event, to 120+ attendees for a 6-day event.

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Former SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Client Finds Success After Relocation