On Tuesday, November 27, Ed England led his final roundtable for SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon. This was a moment of great significance for all present in light of the fact that Ed founded the SCORE Roundtables in 2007 and has been facilitating the Retail Roundtable faithfully for the past 11 years.

Ed conceived of the roundtable idea as a way to offer enhanced SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon services to existing businesses.  At the time SCORE was focused primarily on start-ups but were experiencing growing demand for mentoring leaders of local small existing business. The value proposition was to bring together leaders of local small businesses who shared challenges, best practices and a desire to learn and improve business practices. One of the first roundtables was in Elizabethtown -- in the 'rustic' basement of what is now Folklore Coffee & Company.  

From the start it was a project that Ed launched as a labor of love, undeterred from the amount of work this involved. Over the year’s "roundtables" have become one of SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon's primary service offerings -- along with mentoring and workshops. Today SCORE offers monthly, semi-monthly and quarterly roundtables and lunch 'n learn programs in Lancaster, Ephrata, Palmyra and Elizabethtown. Some roundtables focus on specific business segments, such as retailers, contractors and providers of professional services, and nonprofits, and some are co-sponsored by local chambers of commerce.

"Ed was a true visionary in understanding the need for continuous education for small business owners and created one of the first SCORE round tables in the USA.  From this beginning we now have 7 different round tables that meet on a regular basis serving hundreds of small business owners and on a national basis SCORE conducts hundreds of round tables serving thousands of small business owners...all due to Ed's vision some 11 years ago.”

~Jerry Glenn, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

In 2017 SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon facilitated 93 roundtable sessions -- for 1,300 people -- from more than 100 local businesses and organizations. Since Ed launched the first roundtable, SCORE has served nearly 13,000 small business leaders. And today about 51% of SCORE total services benefit local existing small businesses. Ed’s model for a roundtable was brought to the attention of SCORE Mentors and later adopted at the national level as a standard form of service that most chapters across the USA offer.   

As you prepare to host and facilitate your last roundtable, I want you to know how much your efforts have meant to your clients and to SCORE at every level of the organization.  Thank you for your contributions and I am pleased to know that you will continue to be active in SCORE. “

~ W. Kenneth Yancey, Jr., CEO, SCORE

Ed England: A Roundtable Legacy