When you first meet Nancy Groff, you are greeted by a petite, smiling woman with all the charm of your favorite neighbor. But once she dons the white lab coat of her profession she becomes Nancy C Groff, RN / BSN, and that woman is all business.

About sixteen months ago Nancy reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon for help in setting up a business plan for a venture she had in mind.

“Nancy began with an idea of providing quality professional compliance advice and direction to area health care providers. She gathered professional nurses in different expertise fields of health care to join her in a partnership. It took time for her to complete all the steps necessary to start this service. She has now been active in several contacts in the area on state and national healthcare regulations and compliance issues. She is now ready to expand her services regionally, to states and eventually nationally. “

~Tom Murphy, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Nancy is the founder and sole owner of Nursing Educators Resource Group, LLC whose mission is to educate and re-educate the staff of nursing homes and home health services, as well as any facility that employs licensed personnel who perform clinical objectives on patients. At the moment the group consists of six professional consultants with decades of combined experience.

Nursing Educators Resource Group, LLC was founded in response to the discovery that the PA State Health Surveys reported that a high percentage of nursing homes were found to be out of step with many procedures. When this occurs, it leads to a higher rate of patient readmission and both Medicare and Insurance Groups are trying to avoid this in the future, both in view of the costs and in the best interests of the patients. Nursing Educators Resource Group, LLC also provided lectures, demonstrations, and trainings to various groups and have participated with some of the local hospitals with their education plans. Nancy and her team also help with the training at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences using their state-of-the-art simulation lab for their students.

Nancy has accomplished a great deal in these last sixteen months, which is all a testament to her hard work and determination. She also had the assistance of a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor to counsel and guide her along the way.

“Being a registered nurse, I knew literally nothing about starting a business, about setting up a business plan, taking out taxes, the legalities of creating a small business. My SCORE mentor had me complete a 12 Step Plan and attend Roundtable Workshops. All of these gave me tools that helped me prepare for the business side of my project. I would be ‘lost’ without SCORE.”

~ Nancy C Groff, RN / BSN, founder of Nursing Educators Resource Group, LLC

“Nancy has been a delightful client, open to suggestions, prompt and efficient in completing tasks/assignments and eager to be successful. She has turned frustration into opportunities that has her on the path of making this service a valuable asset to any health care provider.”

~Tom Murphy, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor


Client|Mentor Profile: Nursing Educators Resource Group, LLC