LVR Portraits is an award-winning photography studio in Lancaster PA specializing in newborn and baby portraits. Every baby is a tiny miracle and Laurie VanOrmer Ressler has created a business around capturing that miracle through photography when babies are still just newborns, only about 7 days old.  Her custom heirloom quality portraits are lifetime keepsakes of fleeting moments and her at-home studio is busy with bookings for mother and baby photo sessions.

The success of her photography business led Laurie to seek out the assistance of a SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor and in May she was paired with lead mentor Neil Mosesman.

Working with a SCORE mentor has given me an outside perspective on several aspects of my business.  I do not have a background in business (most of my focus over the years has been on honing my photography skills), so I was grateful to have feedback on the ‘business’ side of my business.  Neil and I were able to discuss issues related to marketing as well as finances.  My mentor helped me to figure out what my ‘cost of doing business’ would look like and what I needed to do to be profitable.  He also connected me with a marketing expert to help me brainstorm new ways to reach my ideal clients.”

~ Laurie VanOrmer Ressler, founder of LVR Portraits, LLC.

That marketing expert is Kathryn Ross, Vice President of Marketing at SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon and founder of Kross Strategies, LLC. She is also a volunteer SCORE mentor for Chapter 16. Bringing Kathryn onboard is an example of how our mentors work together to get their clients the very best help and advice possible from top experts in the field. If a lead mentor feels that there is an area that a client needs work with that is specialized, he will often reach out to the roster of mentors at SCORE Chapter 16 to call on their specific talents.

“It has been a pleasure to work with a creative and dedicated client like Laurie. Laurie had been in business successfully for almost 6 years before coming to SCORE.  Now was a stage when it was time to move to the next level and see her business grow. She has been very open to the ideas and suggestions we have given her.  I look forward to continuing to work with Laurie to help reach her new sales goals.”

~ Neil Mosesman, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Laurie has had a positive experience working with a SCORE mentor and looks forward to continuing that work into the future.

“Whether you are just starting a new business, or you already have an established business, a SCORE mentor would be very beneficial.  It is helpful to have an outside perspective and someone to bounce ideas off.  Many of the SCORE mentors have years of business experience and have a lot of helpful insights to share.  There is also a ‘team’ atmosphere among the mentors.  If one mentor does not have an answer or expertise in a certain area, he or she can connect you with other experts in whatever area you need advice.”

~ Laurie VanOrmer Ressler, founder of LVR Portraits, LLC.

Images below by LVR Portraits, LLC.


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