There is something new to capture an art lover with every visit to The Artist Studio & Gallery @ Annex 24. Color, light, and texture draw the eye as you move between the main gallery space, the maker’s space and the solo exhibition space to explore the curated monthly exhibits featuring local, national, and international artists. Presiding over this kaleidoscopic array is the guiding presence of gallery co-owner Dreya Moore, whose passion for her artists is evident from the first beaming smile.

Dreya and her mother, Jackie Moore-Ballard, took a leap of faith in the spring of 2017 to purchase a gallery that they had often exhibited at as artists and that was a fixture of the Lancaster City arts community. The first step was a name change as a reflection of their dedication to helping emerging artists build careers. In the process of refashioning her new gallery this former biotech chemist turned entrepreneur realized that she would need a bit of help in building her new enterprise, and through a serendipitous introduction, discovered SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon, and mentor Tom Murphy.

Dreya and Tom have been working together since July of 2017 and immediately set out to define some goals that would lead to the success and growth of the reimagined gallery.

Working with professionals who have started, run, and headed successful businesses in the marketplace I'm currently navigating is immensely helpful. Your SCORE mentor has already run the race and can give the guidance that will best help your business. Coming into this business, we had a unique situation where my partner and I took over an existing business in a market we were unfamiliar with and had to have a crash course on learning the city, market, business, customer base etc. You name it, we had to learn it, and learn it quickly. Mr. Tom asked great questions about our skill sets, partnership, business goals, etc. and helped us put plans in place to increase the number of guests per month, open additional avenues of revenue, and balance our partnership.”

  • Dreya Moore, co-owner The Artist Studio & Gallery @ Annex 24

Working as a mentor to a Lancaster City gallery has been an exciting and exhilarating experience for SCORE mentor Tom Murphy. The energy and passion his client brings to her small business is both electric and contagious.

The area of Dreya's business that I have seen the most progress is marketing, where she has become an integral part of the 300 Block of North Queen Street association that supports the business in one of the most eclectic and diverse retail areas of the City of Lancaster. Dreya has shown creative and impactful ways to present her inventory of Artists' works that will make them more attractive to the collector and profitable for the Artists and the business. The most valuable asset I bring to our relationship is to be a sounding board for this creative client. I can give her feedback from my experiences and the lessons I have learned from fellow mentors to sound out ideas and projects. Dreya is resourceful and bursting with new and innovative ideas not only to help her business but to assist others in the Arts community.” 

  • Tom Murphy, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Just as the exhibits are constantly changing, Dreya Moore is keeping her eye on goals and a vision for the future of her gallery, and the role that SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon will play in it.

As a business, our gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018, which means we need to continue building our client base, bringing new artists and buyers to the gallery, and providing superior customer service and artistic acumen for our collectors. It's a tricky business to try and build a customer list for an art gallery as the gallery customer is a discerning individual that not only appreciates art but also understands art value appreciation over time. Art is an investment; an investment in not only the work but the artist and gallery as well. SCORE will continue helping us to understand the buying market in Lancaster County as we take on yet another goal; expanding our reach into neighboring areas and markets. Mr. Tom and SCORE will continue alongside us for the future.”

Client|Mentor Profile: The Artist Studio & Gallery @Annex 24