It started as a seed and grew into an orchard.” A fitting description of the origins of SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon client, Allergy Orchard. Co- owners, Tammy Gingras-Moore and Karen DiPace are two moms, who grew weary of the constant struggle to shop for healthy, and delicious food for their children with multiple food allergies. They also realized they were not the only parent, who was faced with this challenge. So, they decided to fix it! But first they did their homework, in a careful and methodical way, that included reaching out to SCORE for a mentor.

"From my first contact with Tammy and Karen in December 2016, I have been impressed with their careful, meticulous and thorough planning through every stage of the start-up process.  Being the only grocery store in a large geographical area dedicated to selling only allergy-free products presents unique challenges.  To reach their specialized customer base, they have relied on personal networking with school groups, the medical community (particularly pediatricians,) in addition to maintaining a robust social media presence.”

  • Bill Beyer, volunteer mentor, SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon


They have now celebrated the one-year anniversary of the bricks & mortar location for Allergy Orchard, an allergy-friendly grocery store in the Kendig Square Shopping Center in Willow Street. Looking back on this past year both Karen and Tammy agree that their SCORE mentor was a key element in their journey.

Our mentor helped us in many ways.  For us the quotation, ‘You do not know what you do not know’, captures the true power of a mentor.  There were several things that we would not have known to consider that our mentor guided us toward. We cannot overstate the importance of our mentor.  Simply put, we would never have opened our doors without the help of our mentor.”

  • Tammy Gingras-Moore, co-owner, Allergy Orchard



Bill Beyer looks forward to continuing his work with the two “Allergy Orchard Moms”, to serve as an advisor, supporter, and friend for their business future. Visit Karen and Tammy at Allergy Orchard, or learn more at:

Client/Mentor Profile: Allergy Orchard & Bill Beyer