Dave Shiley of ITP Income Tax Preparation is a pretty introverted guy. He shies away from the spotlight, and the thought of doing a video for this profile was a real challenge for him (turns out he’s a natural). He is much more comfortable tucked away in the very secluded corner office space that he has established at The Candy Factory that is as private as any space gets in that co-working hub. Yet this is a man who also generously offers his time as a speaker at community events and is a popular presenter at SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon Roundltable workshops. He offers free blog space on his website to promote local small businesses with absolutely no obligation.  

He is frequently thinking of ways to help others with no thought of profit for himself. Dave is not only a good guy; he is also very professional.”

- Henry Michel, SCORE Lancaster- Lebanon volunteer mentor

Maybe that’s why his business is more well known by the affectionate phrase – Dave the Tax Guy than by its official title. Dave founded ITP Taxes 18 years ago, after leaving one of the large national tax preparation chains, with the goal of providing Central PA residents a friendlier and more personalized experience than the big guys offer.  Two years into this venture, in 2002, he reached out to SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon to seek the guidance of a mentor.

I had time, 16 years, to learn record keeping - advertising - promotion - customer service - pricing - all the things that small business needs to know and can get from a SCORE Mentor.  So, I think I have used SCORE not as a starting point for my business but to help me get focused and grow my business.”

- Dave Shiley, founder of ITP Income Tax Preparation

For the past three years Dave has been working with SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor Henry Michel.

Henry has helped me by listening and keeping me focused.  Also, by pointing out ways to interact with clients to get what I want out of the business, whether by fee increase, handling clients that may not be the best for my business Henry has gotten me to speak at the SCORE Roundtable workshops about bookkeeping, Affordable Care Act and personal and business taxes.”

- Dave Shiley, founder of ITP Income Tax Preparation

Over the years Henry has observed significant progress and growth both with his client and with ITP Tax Preparation.

“Dave has routinely kept me up to date regarding his business. I have seen his profits steadily increase. And, Dave has made a name for himself. Some top local (CPA) companies are referring clients to him.”

- Henry Michel, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon volunteer mentor

Because he is a client with almost 2 decades of experience working with SCORE Lancaster- Lebanon mentors, we were curious what advice Dave Shiley would have for individuals, aspiring entrepreneurs, or established business interested in acquiring a mentor for themselves.

“To the aspiring entrepreneur - get a SCORE Mentor BEFORE you ‘officially’ start your business. There are so many things to learn and SCORE has a large amount of resources/people who can help guide you. If for some reason SCORE cannot help you with a particular issue, they know someone who can help. To the established business - tap on the 'collective wisdom’ of your SCORE mentor regularly with a direct contact or conversation to help you focus on your needs.”

 -  Dave Shiley, founder of ITP Income Tax Preparation

Client | Mentor Profile: ITP Income Tax Preparation