In the right light, the sun hits the golden brick of a former sewing factory in downtown Myerstown and the whole building glows. The perfect introduction to the light-filled space within that is the home of This brand consulting and creative studio was founded eight years ago by Char Newswanger, a woman who radiates style and quiet charm. She began her journey as a photographer and has since transformed into a “team of photographers, stylists, and storytellers that believe in empowering and inspiring creative entrepreneurs.”

About a year ago Char saw her client base growing and decided there was a need for an outside perspective from someone who has also walked the journey and had experience that they could share. After reaching out to SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon Char began a close working relationship with a mentor, Kevin St. Cyr.

Working with our SCORE mentor has helped us take broad ideas and implement them by defining tactile next steps. For example, we desired to develop a more comprehensive sales strategy but did not know entirely what that should look like. Kevin helped us define tangible steps to do that. " now has a team of nine creative young women who work together to help their clients build a solid brand strategy. Some highlights in their current portfolio include Lititz, PA, The Main Street Exchange, and Savannah House. As they continue to grow Char looks for support and guidance from her SCORE mentor.

Our SCORE mentor helped us develop business skills that we needed to take our business to the next level.”

One of the most meaningful contributions a mentor has to offer is the constant encouragement and positive feedback for a small business’s efforts. The path for an entrepreneur is never an easy one, and it is often traveled alone.

Kevin truly is one of our biggest fans! His encouragement and belief in who we are has given us the confidence to reach the next big goal.” 

Char Newswanger and her team of creatives are helping small businesses and organizations to build brands and find their voice, so they can tell their story. In the process, they are creating a truly inspiring one of their own.

Char and her entire team are creative, dynamic and have a passion for their clients. It is a pleasure to work with the team and watch them continuously improve and grow. In a short time, they have moved from local photography and have added branding and digital marketing, serving regional and national accounts. I look forward to being with them for the exciting next chapters of their story.”

- Kevin St. Cyr, SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentor 

Photo caption - Pictured clockwise from left to right: Heather Bowman, Kevin St. Cyr, Cherish Kibler, Bethany Wannemacher, Lindsay Lapp, Char Newswanger, Hailey Stoner, Crystal Wiegand

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