When Owner and Founder of K9 Nature Supplements, Kristy Houk's own dog was injured and required perscription medications, she searched high and low for natural alternatives. When she came up short, she started K9 Nature Supplements, a company focused on providing natural and herbal alternatives for dog health. K9's team of key scientists bring expertise in pharmacology, dog physiology, and biochemistry to provide furry friends high quality, unique natural supplements to support their health.

As Kristy grew her business she realized she was in need of business advice and guidance. After hearing about SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon from a friend, Kristy reached out and was paired with SCORE mentor, Kevin St. Cyr. 

Kristy and Kevin have been working together for 2 months to build a proper business plan and marketing strategy in order to grow the new business. "I've been working with SCORE for about two months now and it's been excellent," says Kristy. "We've been working on strategic planning and we're in the growth phase of our company trying to market our products and reach the correct consumer."

If you are interested in joining SCORE as a client or mentor, please visit us online.

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