SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon​ mentor, Larry Keating​ was impressed with Rose Luciano​'s dream of Fruition Collective. Larry and Rose first met at one of Assets Women’s Business Center Learning Circles where SCORE mentors were providing mini-mentoring sessions. A part of Rose's vision for Fruition Collective was to create a space to present innovative examples of alternative music, performance, visual art, poetry, and educational programming, from rising and established artists of all backgrounds. Fast forward a few months and Fruition Collective is no longer a dream, but a reality for owner and curator, Rose Luciano. The unique brick & mortar event space is located at 24 West Walnut Street in Downtown Lancaster.

As Rose's SCORE mentor, Larry continues to be inspired by Rose’s creative spirit and her passion for a social mission. “Rose is a spectacular client. She is not afraid to charge ahead into areas where her chance of business success is secondary to her relentless desire to improve lives, and to take her SCORE mentor along. She has very good business sense, more than maybe she realizes. She has lots of balls in the air—some negative—but she never falters. The only difficulty is getting her to slow down for a minute to work on her business with her SCORE mentor. All clients should be so rewarding,” explains Larry.

This sense of regard is reciprocated, and has continued from the moment that Rose and Larry teamed up, “SCORE has been a game-changer for Fruition Collective," explains Rose. "My mentor has provided attention and guidance tailored specifically for me as a new business owner. Larry’s counsel has opened countless doors to resources that encourage the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit that is the core of Fruition Collective.”

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